Sunday, January 28, 2018

My First Rodeo

Hmm, got you thinking?

No, yesterday we actually went up towards Lake Havasu City to Sara Park along 95 north and went to an actual rodeo. To say I was beyond excited is an understatement. Each Christmas my mother would ask, "What would you like Santa to bring you this year?" Each year I would say a pony and a baby brother. (Finally got older brothers but never the pony)

The start of the Grand Canyon Pro Rodeo

The rodeo grounds are in the desert and actually we are all living in the desert surrounded by amazing mountains. The assumption is desert= massively hot. During the past few months I've worn more clothes then I have in years. tee shirt+ flannel shirt+ sweater+ oh yes, Sweatshirt with hoodie up. (sometimes at night to Usually the Santa Ana winds were at their peak during those cold days but it's during the spring and summer when temps in the desert get to 100 and over. Every day and night. Electric runs 20 cents per Kilowatt here in California so I can't even imagine what our electric bill would be like on top of rent. 

Yesterday the winds were supposed to come back so we were prepared but the desert sun kept us comfortable and at times almost too warm.

A little action for you.!

I finally remembered to put my camera on sports mode so I could get better action shots. 

A look at we could see from our seats.

We actually live on the other side of the mountain that is to your left in the photo. 

Men of strength and courage. Horses determined to get them off their backs. As soon as the rider was thrown off other riders came right in and released the cinch around the horses belly. They also did that with the bulls.

Tons more photos but I think this may be my favorite of the day. When I did agility with Sophie we were taught, look at the obstacle you are going to run to and everything will fall into place.  Even driving a motorcycle,  if you look at that dead road kill, you will run over it. She has her eyes glued to the next obstacle, the finish line. She made that tight turn and blasted across the field. She represents my "Powerful". Calm, determined and doing it. I'll be printing this out and hanging it next to my Standin' on the Corner photo.  She came in with a great score and today are the finals. I've got a feeling she and her bud will do just fine.  One girl blew her chances by worrying her hat was going to fly off.  I know, I seem to find life lessons in everything. ;-)

That's it for now. Santa Ana winds have come back in and Roger just volunteered to make pancakes so I'll sign off.

Have a great day everyone and see you soon. 9 more weeks until we roll again for the east coast. 


And of course you know the photos are copyrighted. Figuring out what medium I will use to be painting them. ;-)

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