Saturday, January 20, 2018

Travelling Up And Down The Twisty Winding Road

I always chat about how the road past the gate is a winding, twisting road over the mountains to get to Parker Dam and some civilization, so I thought I'd do a show and tell today.

Going beyond the gate!!

After traveling the road you know the shape of the mountains and can tell if you are going out or coming back in. 

I held my breath for this one the first time out.

And it starts to turn down and around. You can see rub marks on the railing as you drive by and it's a long way down.

Oh ya. This is where I say "OMG"

At the bottom of this part of the road there is an extreme right hand turn and a sign that says to watch out for falling rocks. (Deer in headlight eyes)

After a few more hair raising turns with minimal railing we reach Parker Dam. Cars can crosss but not RV's , trucks or anything over 8 K . The road is really narrow and it takes you to Arizona and Parker. The deepest Dam I believe made. It closes at 11:00 P.M. and opens at 5:00 A.M. Not sure if that's California time or Arizona time. Mystery time zones!!!

Tomorrow I'll show you some of the interesting rock formations here. No, seriously, stop rolling your eyes and laughing. One looks like a face!!! Haha.

Have a great night..


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