Saturday, April 28, 2018

Not Moving Until Thursday..

We arrived in Florida at our old home RV park last Saturday and it's taken a week to unwind from being on the road. Visiting friends, talking art, Lord I so needed that, and a massage thrown in. (that was painful..not fluff and buff but message therapy to make every muscle relax and move.)

Our view from our site now and we have signed back up for the fall. I love having a place set to soend time in and it's close to our son and family and close to my artist friends. Perfect place for me to do my work and see friends.

And Lola had a spa day!! I was thrilled how Carrie, the groomer trimmed her this time. It had been awhile since she was groomed properly so we were on a mission to make it back by last Tuesday for her appointment. Zoomin Groomin is a company that comes to you to groom your pet, a one on one as you sit outside and wait. I love it. Lola is afraid she's being abandoned so she's not so excited leaving me but is great being pampered and thrilled to be back in our rig looking regal and Queenly!

A new client asked if I would re-paint two pieces from a few years ago so I was delighted to do those for him. It was fun to revisit a looser style that I loved and getting me excited to paint like this again. Powerful. I really think I'll keep this word for good has kept my imagination and my excitement to do my art so far into this year. Why abandon it? So, my word for life..Powerful!

Being set for a time you get to order stuff from Amazon. Waiting for my new "Next Exit" book to arrive before we head back out on the road. It covers all the highways in the US and each exit, rest stops and Pilots or Flying J's. (Truck stops for overnight or fuel) The one we have has been invaluable and now has pages falling out or shredded from use and, sigh, dog feet walking on it. I leave it on the dash and that's also Ozzie's favorite place to sit during the day. Well, I needed an updated one anyway.!! 

Also waiting for new batteries for our tire monitors. The back monitors are weak so we will try the new batteries, hopefully because of dirt and road grime.  Then I ordered gold leaf paint for a fun painting I want to will be a surprise! A new stool for plein air outings.. then odds and ends. What would we do without Amazon. 

So working up my end of the cross country west to east coast journey of rv parks, fuel costs and other stuff to post here. The good and the bad post. I'll have that ready for tomorrow so stay tuned.

I'm working on a project now but it's a surprise for my clients friends so I can't do a show and tell until they receive it so I'll end now and go back to work. 

Thanks for following along on our adventure... we will probably leave here on Thursday and start our journey North to New Hampshire for the summer. Hmm, Lola in the Field??  Maybe in oils this year..


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