Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig.

I had a great few days with family in New Hampshire, but of course I had to come home to three lost babies looking for their Mumma. The "food goddess " to them. Roger was happy too.

I drove from Orlando airport to our RV and it was a short ride. Yahoo!! Now today back to my studio. At this point I have two more weeks there so I started to clean that room out. Holy cow, between the sticks and bricks, the studio and moving into the RV....needless to say I left early ,got the dogs and came up to CiCi Blue. Made a cup of coffee to re awaken and sat as the fur kids raced about.

Lola watching something moving outside and yes, she's barking.


Ozzie guarding the tennis ball of the day!
This is the view I see out our slide window. It's almost floor to ceiling and just so relaxing to look out from the comfy chair. I can hardly wait to paint this view.
Then when Roger comes home we take the kids to the little enclosed dog park here at the RV park. No one else, just us. Lola was frisky tonight and ran towards me playfully trying to knock me over. She does it with the others, I guess she figured I must be a dog of some sort too. I think I heard Roger laughing as I swerved to get out of her way.
When we get home, I vacuum and sniffer wash the tile and Roger uses Old English to go over all the wood. It is all beautiful wood inside so we are making sure to preserve it. A little bit each night.
We'll the kids are exhausted and it's time for our dinner . Cheers!!!

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