Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Brake

First, I'm doing this on my phone! We have internet but I can't seem to connect it here in RV land. A new person parked behind us. A woman alone. Lola welcomed her by woofing non stop. Egads. She's been sheltered. At least though I can say we are progressing as far as riding in the car and entering and leaving . They are all laying around on the floor so content.

So, the title today is the brake.

This is our brake. When it's pushed down the diesel engine will want to head out into the lake. Our fear was with three frisky kids here ,one would for sure hit it. So, Roger went to the plumbing department of Home Depot and bought three .75" rubber washes. He cut a slice in each and put them on the base of the brake knob. Fantastic solution!!!!  Because for sure , Sammy in his spurt of energy went right to that area.  We are safe!!  That and chock blocks on the rear wheels.

Roger ordered XM radio today. We have it in the rv so tonight we are listening to some great music. 70's /80's. 

So yesterday I went to Pier 1 and bought a pappasan chair for the RV thinking it would be so comfy. Brought it home and sat it in the living room. We'll needless to say the chair took up most of the room so back in the car it went. Today I traded the chair for fun pillows. With the couch opened it makes a comfy area to snug in with the kids to read or just draw.

Roger wants to use my tablet now so til tomorrow!!


  1. Hello Sheila! Believe it or not I have just run into you through ebay! I was loving the little Beagle painting and forgot to get a bid in....GONE! So, started looking into your other stuff....one click led to another....and now I am so enchanted by your new lifestyle! I think it is great! My husband and I are trying to sell our place in PA but not having much luck....I have operated an antique business for the last 7 years here and we live above my shop. But Florida has been calling us....we want to go....just need to sell first. We have a couple of friends who have done the same as you and Roger....it just seems like such and act of FREEDOM! I too am an artist....but I really enjoy collecting what other artists create...and I love your painting style...so, I will keep looking for another little treasure of yours. So have fun in your adventures!...Even my husband, Terry, is intrigued enough to read what you write about your RV (he sells cargo trailers and does service work on RV's)....and we are campers at heart (raised our children at a campground!), though we don't have a camper anymore...anyway, have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing....!! Sincerely, Carol

    1. Carol, I sent you an email. Hope it gets to you.
      Thank you. I just know you will find your adventure soon too!!!! Xx

  2. Lol...I can just picture you all rolling into the lake in the middle of the night. This is gonna make a great movie...