Thursday, June 19, 2014

Moving In

Our pictures tonight. The kids know the exit now as we drive closer to the RV. They love it.

We watch jeopardy on our tv projector screen. I don't even need my glasses on.!

I'm sitting in the comfy chair looking out the window tonight. Just beautiful.

My attempt at order in the closet

And finally, home is where you hang your art!!!

This morning I met my friend Lou at our studio and off we went for an adventure! I had packed the car with boxes of clothes and some books I couldn't part with. I love my kindle but some art books need to be held.

So that was 7:30 am. I stayed down at the house last night so I could finally get some of my things here. Now that they are it looks like I have nothing. Haha. That's how much room we have. But, my shoes haven't arrived here yet!! Or my art supplies.

After I dropped everything in the RV we drove down to our studio. I'm working on a commission and I also need to clean out my studio by the end of June. A new artist is moving in. The 140.00 a month is just not in the budget now that we're going to travel.

Then I got an email that my storage unit was going up 20.00. Sigh. Called him and was able to get a smaller unit for less. Can you see the pattern here? Moving out of the house, moving out of my studio and now moving things from one storage unit to another.  Thankfully I had a massage scheduled today. I've been so sore I'm walking bent over. Haha.  Muscles I haven't used in a while. My massage therapist did say my muscle would at some time be fine.

As I have said before, Florida just has flat homes , no stairs, so my legs ache!!

So Roger is almost finished making dinner , yes he's the chef, so I'll end for tonight!
Til tomorrow,


  1. Won't be much longer,and all this packing chaos will be like a dream and you will be off on your adventure,xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. you are so lucky to meet Lou! I would love to meet her! I think your place looks extremely cozy!