Thursday, June 26, 2014

Silly, Silly Me

Today is a typical Florida day. 94 degrees and it feels like 100. It seems the older I get the worse the heat is to me. So after cleaning some stuff out of my studio I grabbed the kids and did the ride to our RV. Thankfully Lola liked Carly Simon today. Whew.
When I got the three in along with bag and baggage, I turned the air down to get it cooler.
This is our thermostat just inside our front entrance. Roger said the first "mode" is the living room. So, I leaned over and pressed the down button. Our bedroom a/c is always cold and I love it but we keep the living area a little "warmer".  After a little while I was getting even more tired than I first felt so I laid down on the couch with Sammy.  When I got up to recheck the thermostat it seemed fine, but I was feeling hotter and dizzy.

Please notice the light now shining on the thermostat. When Roger came in he checked it and found that I had turned on the heat pump rather than turning down the a/c. Without the light my poor eyes didn't see correctly. (cataract surgery is actually scheduled for the 8th and 22nd of July)
 Always recheck your settings with the lights on!!! So as I recover Roger did the vacuuming. ;-)
Off to the dog park....have a great night.
Oh new things in the rv? Roger installed a water filter to our hose outside. Pics tomorrow along with my new plants. Need some green every so often. Ugh..dogs are starting to complain!??


  1. oh won't forget that in a hurry,feel better soon,xx Rachel

  2. Oh Sheila and Roger, your blog keeps me laughing. Would have gotten in touch sooner, but I just had cataract surgery a week ago, and I've been seeing "blurry". After this one heals, I'll have the second one done. Oh, the joys of aging. Keep blogging, I just LOOOVE it - and all the photos. And I miss you like crazy, and the people at "Smoothie" keep asking where my friend is. Love you, Suzanne

    1. Suzanne, I'll be back around after the first...I feel a Smoothie day coming. xxx