Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Longest Drive

I have to say I love it after a great rain storm. Florida has some of the best. Thunder, lightning then the sun comes out.
Today Sammy went to the vets for his annual check up. It's a major stress event for him and for me.  Today, more so for him.  First he saw another dog and stated barking and stressing. About a year ago we went to the dog park near our home and Sammy was swarmed by a pack of dogs as their owners chatted under a tree. He was frightened, they fought and he's been on guard ever since. I'm his back.!!
After we ate and the rain stopped we took the kids to the fenced in dog park here at the RV park. I think we may be the only users so it's fun. Lola fly. Ozzie and she wrestle and romp as Sammy stays to him self. They do their " business" then we walk around and come home.  Everyone settles in for a comfy night. We do go out for a quick visit to the outside before we go to bed.  I love that we are finally styling into a routine. Whew.
So, the longest ride home. It started to thunder as we left the house in Palm Bay. Everyone was buckled in and secured. As soon as I got onto Rt. 95 I felt there would be issues. Sammy was exhausted from his doctor visit and just fell asleep across the console. Out like a light. Then a 40' rig similar to ours passed me going about 85 mph.  Now knowing some stuff now about large rigs and fuel consumption I was sure I saw dollar signs coming out his exhaust.  Oh well.  That scared me a bit since I had not seen him coming as he was close, but on we went.
 Click! Ozzie unbuckled his seat harness and now wanted to become the fixture on the front hood.  A zillion commands to him wasn't changing his mind. At the same time now Lola wanted to hear Lionel. She stuck her head between the seats and our hood ornament and barked at the radio. Seriously??? I have a dog who wants different music on??  Then she looked down at sleeping Sammy and barked at him!!
We finally arrived safely at the RV and I immediately had a pistachio martini to celebrate my home coming!!!
Roger took out the tv in our bedroom. The plan is to make a storage area with a door on the front while having a hinge for our flat tv.  Not sure when that will happen but the hinge came in the mail today.
Dinner time in CiCi Blue!!!
Have a great night!!!


  1. The only good from a drive like the one you had tonight is ...you know you can keep the order when needed... Oh and it's always good to have a martini waiting...

  2. pistachio martini? Hmmm....sounds delish! Also sounds as if you are adjusting quite nicely...now go and change the radio station :)