Saturday, June 21, 2014

Just A Shot In The Dark...

So, today we went back down to the house to do laundry and shred a zillion papers from 1999 to present.  The poor shredder decided to quit at one point, one to many shreds. Sigh.

Our routine has been here at night then in the morning at 6am after coffee, the dogs and I go to the house so I can finish commissions and throw more stuff out.

Well they ever know where they live? Or is it me saying will I ever know where I live. Yikes!!
So, the title...just a shot in the dark..
Last night I literally crawled into bed a 9:00pm and fell right to sleep. At 2:22am, Lola woke me barking and nothing would quiet her. She did this when we first got her and it was stress related so I'd sleep on the couch and she would sleep on the floor by me. Last night I came out to the "not so comfy couch" and she started to settle. Then I heard it. A shot from a rifle. It echoed then in a bit a few more that sounded like fire crackers? Was it a murder? Who would be out hunting at 2am? My mind was racing now at all the possibilities.
No report of any new deaths here this morning so it wasn't that. I'm thinking someone was out hunting alligators. I'm hoping not using a flashlight for deer. But as I lay there last night the Ozzie Osborne song came into my head and would not leave. "Just a Shot in the Dark..."  (my kids were teens when he sang that and we'd watch MTV together and chat)
The report tonight is thunderstorms at 1am. Sigh. CiCi Blue lights up with outside flashes or lights. We had a group come in last night with a rent me rv and kept there lights on inside most of the night. What will Lola do tonight.? Haha.
Our gate came today for the dogs. We are going to place it behind the captain chair's so as we go in and out with stuff they won't feel that temptation to "escape", not that they would...;-D  The next thing to arrive will be our wheel covers and the new antenna that goes on the roof. Now that will be a good blog. Roger has to climb , go to the front of the RV and replace it. .
Lola and Sammy after our romp in the dog park here.
So, have a great night...


  1. Wooohooo ...was the story about the shots in the dark to get me in the mood to write Volume 1 of Murder on the RV Express?Great blog post... I'm starting the outline....let me know what happens tonight.

  2. Crikey that's a bit exciting,although I'm sure you can live with out that,xx Rachel