Monday, June 23, 2014

Lola Loves Lionel

It's raining here tonight with thunder and lightning so we are in till it passes.

We throw the ball and everyone runs to get it then we do it again. Thankfully we have a 40' RV. Could you imagine if t were shorter?
Florida is lightning capitol so we are definitely staying in although Sammy is barking quite loudly and I'm really reconsidering. HaHa.


Now for the title of the blog. As you know right now it's back and forth, morning, night, riding in the car. Me and the kids. The other day while cleaning out my studio I found a Lionel Ritchie cd. I put it in my cd player in the car and off we went. Again I played it on the way home and once more on the way to our house the next day. This morning I decided I would put on the radio. Off we went!

Rt 95 is crazy in the morning. no, crazy all the time so I pay attention. All of a sudden I got a huge paw on my arm. I said, "good girl Lola, sit down". The radio was just doing commercials. Another paw on my arm. "Lola, sit". Finally a song came on but once more I got a huge paw and a face next to mine. I don't know why, but I put Lionel back on and voila', Lola not only sat back, but laid down and slept. Lola loves Lionel Ritchie!!!! (sorry Lionel, I love you but if I have to hear you non stop I may be dancing on the ceiling, and not as in partying)

 ok, time for dinner here. It's still raining so I may be donning my rain gear soon and getting them out for a walk.  For some reason 40' is getting small...hahaha.

Have a great night...oh, our LED lights came today. I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow. (I left them in my car)
Warmly, Sheila


  1. At least she does not love Jimmy Buffet

  2. I wonder if she loves all Lionel songs or just that one CD. Maybe she wants you to buy more Lionel albums.

  3. Funny post - and yes, I can imagine playing ball with a dog in less than 40 feet. Try 24!! Poor Katie, we don't play ball very often but when we do, it goes into the kitchen, she jumps off the couch, gets the ball, jumps back on the couch and drops the ball for me to throw again. Not a lot of exercise, for sure, but she enjoys it. Luckily she's a small dog. :)

    I, too, love Lionel Ritchie. That was the first live concert I went to - oh yea, the second. Johnny Mathis was the first. Anyway, both were wonderful. Lionel was a real showman.

    Changing out all the lights to LEDs was one of the first things I did, and it was a great thing to do, especially since I dry camp. I've been really happy with them. :)

    1. I bet Katie loves it!

      Jealous on your seeing Lionel. I bet he WAS great.

      Our plans are to do a lot of dry camping too. What type did you get? The choices are overwhelming. (eyes circling in spirals. Lol