Saturday, June 28, 2014

A New Toy

So I ordered an HP Chromebook 14 and it came today. I wanted simplicity and I now have it.  This is Lola beside me on the coach at our sticks and bricks house. Roger and Ozzie are at DACOF in Orlando all day as Oz has and other run in agility at the end of the day. Long day for them both.

I went to the studio this morning to clean out yet more stuff. It must have been 94 degrees out by the time I got there so I was a puddle in no time at all.  Hate this humidity.  I should be doing some digging out now but I'm still learning how to work this Chromebook.  I took pictures earlier with it of Sammy, myself and Lola but have no idea where they went.'ll see them another time I guess.

Today will be a short blurb..the kids are sleeping so I may take a small nap with them...tomorrow back to Ci Ci Blue in the afternoon. I'll be dressing her in her new wheel covers to keep the hot sun off the tires.  I'll be sure and take pics for you.

Have a great to a slumber nap..

Warmly, Sheila


  1. Hahaha they will either be on your google drive or saved to your hard drive,check your files app for your hardrive or the google drive app,I have a chrome book,but the hubby has the same one as you,if you get a SD card you can increase you storage on it and if you a have a camera that take stills and video with a sd card you can up load from that through the sd card slot,xx Rachel

    1. oh thank you Rachel. Now I just saw that since I take my photos in raw I need to change that so I can get them on. I love the Chromebook though. So easy. haven't figured the spell check out yet though.'s making me think.

  2. Keep us posted on how you like the Chrome Book please! I almost got one a couple of years ago and got the iPad instead....I keep thinking I should have gotten the Chrome Book!

  3. Caren, so far I love it. A small learning curve but so easy. I don't need all the bells and whistles of windows but do have windows 8 on my tablet. Who knew I'd be such a