Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Got The Call....

Tonight about 5:30pm , Billy from Lazy Days called to say that CiCi Blue should be ready when we get there on Thursday! Woohoo!!!  There is one more thing that needs to be done but it's something we can take her back for. Now I'm excited!!

To let you know show my head is working my granddaughter asked me earlier what t9me my flight landed next week in Boston. I;m going up for a few days to see my daughter and her family and go to my youngest granddaughters dance recital. I got a great flight up and back for under $300.00. So proud. Then I checked the flight thinking I was landing at Logan at noon only to find I was landing at midnight. Panic!!!!

I got the tickets through CheapoAir. Come to find out they work in India. When I.m crazed I really need to understand what someone is saying and all I could hear was him saying $700.00. WHAT??? I finally kept my flight schedule but went over to Southwest and got a flight that was Cheapo and I'm arriving in Boston at 6:30pm.  Happy and drained once more!!!

I'm finishing up a painting at my studio. But for fun this was the beginning stages. Thought it might be fun to see.

 This was the initial sketch which may or may not change as I continue. 

 At the next stage I start adding color where I think it will look good just to block the design in.

Adding the background helps me get my values set up.

 Then in this picture I'm starting to model the flowers and adding more color. In real time this is just about finished . I'll be showing more pics another day.

Ok, time to crawl into bed..Til tomorrow. Have a good one.
Warmly, Sheila

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