Friday, August 22, 2014

3 P.M. The Rig Is A Mess But I had A Good Day

My bike! I got it out of the back of the car, pumped up the poor dead tires, grabbed my wallet and peddled down the road to Stuckey's! Woohoo. Two bottles of Gatorade  and a vanilla coffee in my basket then I peddled back. There was a freedom I loved! I envisioned me riding places with my art gear and painting in some wild places! This is good!

Then I decided to paint out the window yet one more time. Is was about 11:30 A.M. and the sun was bright which took away a lot of interesting shadows but made an interesting painting. I used a brush and a painting knife to lay in some brightness behind the trees.  I never use white straight out of the tube as in life white is so many colors. Pinks, yellows, blue hues.  I ordered some paint the other day and one was Gamblin's Warm White. It already has a yellow tint to it and fun to work with.  Roger will be home this weekend so maybe..just maybe it will have cooled a bit to take the kids out and I can paint outdoors.  Nothing like Plain air painting from inside a Country Coach and not get paint on every thing around. 

The painting is 5" x 7" oil on copper panel and will be framed in a black frame with gold trim.  When I get it covered with a Galkyd sealant and framed I'll be putting it on for sale. However, if you are interested please let me know. 

Ok, wrapping up early today. Paints away and brushes cleaned. I'm now going to push Ozzie to the side of the couch and take a quick nap. . Or as we say, rest my eyes!

One decision we have made and I've come to terms with is for our first trip, since we weren't sure about the cars and didn't get a hook up for the rig, I'll be driving the car. It's all good for now. We need a lot of water and dog food so I'll stock up.  The end plan is getting rid of both our cars and getting a newer model Jeep that the kids can fit in of course. Less miles than mine and not a convertible like Rogers'. 
It's all about time.  September is a scheduled month..after that..we are free!!! 

Ok..nap time.



  1. I love that Painting Sheila,won't be long now before you're of on your travels,xx Rachel

  2. I have always driven our "toad" separately. Why not try it for a while before going to the expense of towing equipment? Particularly if you don't intend to drive a lot of miles at one time, it sometimes is just not worth it. We did this at first with our 22-foot Lazy Daze because it was not capable of towing anything, and then because next we had a 40-foot Mountain Aire and did not want to be so terribly long. Now that we are no longer fulltiming, and have a 26-foot Lazy Daze, I still drive separately. It is nice to be able to be together in the cockpit, but good radios make it bearable to be apart, and there are a lot of benefits as well, particularly when you have a really long DP like yours.

    1. It will definitely be interesting heading out in a couple of weeks separate. My thoughts now are about how I'll be able to lug more water and supplies rather then wondering where to put then balanced in the rig. A great idea..thanks, Our radios are charged and ready!!