Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunny Sunday All Day?

Who knew? It's been sunny and massively hot all day here at the RV Park. And quiet. We are the only rig in the front row right now though come October when the RV's return that will all change. When we take the kids out at night we hear the frogs croaking and other various animals I don't want to know about out there in the dark making their weird noises.

Laundry dried and put away..Roger actually got his stuff in the basement or in the closet. Now just to get his computer desk and get that up and running.

What else did we do?

Lola Bear got a shower!! Boy she was stinky. (sorry Lola) We had the kids out on the side of the rig where the outdoor shower hose is and that's where it happened. We follow Technomadia's Blog and Cherie uses a combination of baking soda and water for "shampoo" then rinses with a mixture of cider vinegar and water. Well I'm telling you we are switching. We did it on Lola and she smells fresh and her white fur is glistening!!! 

Me and the kids at the park. Ozzie wanted me to take the ball. Yuck!! 

Clean Lola!!! Oh she looks so pretty when she's all clean and fluffy..and..smelling good. 

She cuts corners like a pro football player.  And she smells good too!!! 

Tomorrow I will tell you about the cd's I bought for the kids.  "Through a Dog's Ear" . Beautiful classical piano music that not only relax's them but us.  And, my new solution to Sammy's anxiety. I'm excited. 

We just came in from sitting outside watching the sun go down. Gorgeous. The kids sat at our feet while the ants nibbled mine. OK, tomorrow shoes and long pants. Oh, to be on the road.  Soon. :-)

Have a great night,


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