Friday, August 8, 2014

One More Day Of Shoveling The Sticks And Bricks

Well I had to drive down to Palm Bay today because I could not find a painting that was going to sell on eBay. It's totally disappeared. Or my ex-ray 20/20 eyes are just not seeing it. Like they did not see the plastic box I put down behind my car this morning as I was getting out the basket with the pots and pans.  As I was waving goodbye to Roger I heard the crackle of plastic and one of my wooden frames being destroyed.  Oh no...was this the kind of day it would be?

The drive was fine. Sammy sat in back and complained when Lola sat on him. She didn't want to go in back. Those noisy pots and pans!  At the house I searched and found some more photos. I'm missing some and it's bothering me but I'm sure the people coming in to rummage through to get the place ready for the sale might find them.  I went into the garage and rolled my bike out and Roger's. I took Roger's to the storage and rolled mine back into the garage. That's what's happening to my brain doing all this stuff to get to our new life adventure.  Off to Target and found a 2 bike rack and bought that. Excited. Now I can ride with the "bike men" early in the mornings.  Get my legs in shape since now I'm actually seeing muscles developing in my upper arms. Yes, Lola and Sammy are strong.

Driving home to CiCI BLue was also uneventful. I had purchased a harness and long tether to go across the back of the car. It hooks on to each of the handles by the back doors. Then I take Sammy's tether and hook him on to the cross line so he is safe but can wander back and forth to escape from Lola.  Today I put the seats down back there so they all can just stretch out. Ozzie, who will be 3 in September is vie-ing for top dog so I let him sit in front with me now and it's so much more peaceful.

We just got back from the dog park. Roger got here first and dumped the tanks and vacuumed the coach and opened all the night blinds. The light is so comforting and I know I love my new home.  Tomorrow we go down to do one more sweep of stuff, put things I can't decide on in storage then drop the key off at the Estate sale place. Sunday...oh Sunday...Roger may go to Ikea in Orlando after breakfast to get his desk for his computer and monitors.  Oh Sunday's we get take out eggs and bacon from Stuckey's.  Maybe it's fantastic because we don't cook. :-)

Getting ready to now to get back to "work". I am an associate on Amazon so if someone buys a product through a link I put on a get pennies. Roger will be starting a blog too and also becoming an associate. Things too do to keep us afloat on our adventure.  Of course, painting and getting my comic books out.  Just chatting about it here right now gets me excited. Little things to make you know that,Yes, you did make the right choice. Not that I doubted but man...getting to the point of actually leaving has been the pits.

Me, Sammy and Lola at the sticks and bricks.  Hmm, looks a little neater here than it does right now in reality. Haha.

See you all tomorrow...


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  1. Don't worry it won't be long before the real adventure starts,xx Rachel