Saturday, August 16, 2014

Getting Things Done Before The Rain

The dogs let us sleep til 7:30 A.M. !!!! WooHooo! Piddles and breakfast for Sammy and Ozzie. Lola declined. That got me worried. She has an exposed nerve on her tooth and I have been thinking it may be bothering her. I'd like to get it taken care of before we take off, just in case.

We snoozed after that til 9:30 A.M., it's been a tough week. (weaning off the prednisone on my eye so hoping it works)  Roger did a Stuckey's run for breakfast then our day started. I had a basket of clothes to bring to the park laundry for starters and sort then out the basement. My art supplies are everywhere and I can't find my folder of copper panels.  Back to collect the laundry and it was still wet and I was out of quarters so I have been throwing it into our small washer/dryer and hanging bed sheets and towels all over the inside of the rig.  Today I feel like we are camping for sure.

After I stepped full force into a hill of fire ants we decided to take the kids to the park but man that storm came in quick. Thunder and lightning. Wind then rain. Here in Florida you get in side when there is lightning because it can strike in a heart beat.  So back to the rig we went.

Roger's job today was sorting through his pile of stuff and trying to figure out how to get the back up camera to work again. Still working on that one.  I called Rick from American RV Repair to get an update on our awning arm and he and I are meeting Monday so I can give him some money to purchase it. We had a communication malfunction last week and after a good laugh I'll meet him in Rockledge. About 30 minutes from where I am now. Silly us.  So when he does come here to repair it I'll ask him about the camera.

After Roger put away and rearranged food stuff and spices it was raining pretty good out so we looked at each other and decided to....have a wolloping game of scrabble!!!

Well I did find out during the day Lola likes to eat in private. The boys finish quickly then stand behind her while she savors every morsel. So she decided to not eat and wait til I figured it out.

As some may know, Sammy is not accustomed to small dogs. I am aware of it at all times.  They are high anxiety to him. There is a man in the park with a small dog. While we were at the park Lola spotted the man and the tiny dog and started barking. I went to the fence to stop Lola and then Ozzie and Sammy saw it. Meyhem started!  They were all barking and jumping at the fence. Now, if that were me?..I'd be taking my dog in another direction not bringing my tiny dog to the fence to see the big dogs who wanted to snack on him. It's severe anxiety for Sammy and it spreads to the others. My fault for not giving him a pill before we went out but not knowing the man would also be out I figured it would be ok. Sammy has his pill now so he will calm down, I have a glass of wine.  In crowded parks, Sammy will have his meds.  Poor little guy. Maybe I can wear a sign saying , Anxious dog, please be kind and stay back.  Boon docking will be our favorite way to go.  Wide open spaces and no tiny dogs. (apologies to all that have tiny dogs...)

Winding down now. Finishing up takes forever to dry a small load. At least it will be dry!!

The Dog of the hour..Sammy. He suffers from high anxiety and separation, depressed and then huge highs. Possible a manic depressive personality. I adopted him at 4 months and told him I'd love him forever and I do.  At night he lays beside me with his head in the crook of my legs. He was amazing at agility but couldn't be separated from me and would howl. We had to stop. Howling is a high screech like he was in massive pain.  Sigh.  When he's in his manic state he can't hear me but when he's calm he's fantastic. So, instead of being angry and upset I will love and protect him from stresses and people who think it's ok to bring their dog over to meet a dog who is totally out of it for that moment. And that works for me!!! His purpose in my life? He teaches me to be calm and patient.  (dear God, please send me calmness and patience tonight, I need a whole lot more. Love ,Sheila)

Have a great night!!!

Warmly, Sheila


  1. Poor Sammy,he's lucky to have you to take care of him,xx Rachel

  2. Oh thanks Rachel..xx appreciate that!

  3. We have one dog who is fear aggressive and has pretty much taught the other one not to like other dogs. We take great pains to keep them away from other dogs when we walk them. We do not take them to dog parks. We try to walk them where we know there are not dogs, but we are always amazed at the number of people who do not leash their dogs. As they come running up to our they are saying "oh, they are friendly, etc". Well, ours aren't and mayhem breaks out. There is a new trend starting that has people with skittish dogs, like ours, to put an orange (I think) ribbon on the leash, meaning " please stay back from us". I sure hope it catches on. Our two are rescues and came with these problems, but as you say, they are ours and we just love them!

  4. Cathie, Thankfully the dog park here is empty when we take them. There are small dogs that I make sure aren't around when we go out. I'm glad to hear I'm not alone out there with "naughty" dogs. The man who walked his right up to the fence also leaves his out unleashed. UGH.

    It's a yellow ribbon. I read about it from UK friends and I think it's just starting here, Thankfully.