Monday, August 18, 2014

I Think This Will Do The Trick!!!

Check it out!! I am so excited. After medicating him and seeing the results...agitation, I needed an alternative. Sammy needs to be preoccupied. He needs a job! 

I read reviews of the dogs that were filled with anxiety and after wearing their backpack came home relaxed and tired. One woman filled hers with tuna cans!! Sammy can carry our water to the park.!! Then home!  When it arrives , this Wednesday, I'll post pictures. I'll put the item on our "things we like" Page and if you love it you can purchase it through there. 

The next exciting thing I got was a 3 set CD Collection of Through Dog's Ears  Music to calm dogs through anxiety from thunderstorms or fireworks or separation anxiety. Right up our alley. Beautiful piano music, classical music chosen just for our pets.  Roger put it into our cd player in the coach and the dogs totally relaxed...the only problem is that I had to go take a nap too. It works. You can purchase single cd's or in a package of 3. 

Lola is so excited about all the new things we are getting to help Sam. 

Met with our RV guy and he's ordering the arms for our awning. Woohoo. I did have the awning out today but when I brought it in tonight the bottom connection, it's magnetic, won't attach.  It's sticking way out so I won't be able to extend it tomorrow.  It's one of the hottest weeks we have had with the humidity making in in the low 100's.  Quick trips to the dog park for us for the rest of the week!!!

Well that's it for now...maybe tomorrow I will...paint??? Have a great night!!


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