Friday, August 29, 2014

Roger Retired And Sammy's Update..and Oh Mimosas!!!

Last night I got up the nerve and left the kids in the RV!! Roger had a retirement party so I went. Port Canaveral is an hour away from here, then of course eating and socializing then an hour back.

Ok, let me explain this. I first pulled down all the day/night shades, tuned on both a/c's front and back and turned on channel 9 so they could watch Jeopardy. It's our pattern at night.  With the shades drawn, life did not exist outside our coach.  I took them to the park first then gave them a nice dinner. But what is that in the photo?? My biggest fear is that Sammy would leap up onto the drivers chair and somehow engage the break and they would all roll into the lake! (we have wheel blocks but last night my imagination told me that they would just roll over those)  So I took one of the gates and velcroed it to the steering wheel. The styrofoam bucket, not in the photo, is placed over the break which has the rubber gaskets to keep it from deploying.

Now do you know where Sammy gets his anxiety? I left at 4 P.M. and returned at 8. The greeting was crazed but they were all fine, had not driven into the lake and non of the pillows were eaten. Oh, I had a great time!!!!

Roger had a nice crowd of people that he has worked with in different companies over the past 14 years.  Today was bringing back his security pass for the Base and sign papers.  

When he arrived at CiCi Blue I greeted him with Mimosas! We needed to celebrate this new passage into our adventure. (He's asleep right now)

We will be living on less financially but I believe with my art and Roger's photography and art we will be just fine, plus the stress level will be so much better.  I can hardly wait to see his face when he gazes at the Grand Canyon for the first time or the plains out in the West!  This week we will be gathering and storing for our leaving next Saturday for Georgia.  The adventure begins!!

So, Sammy! It took him awhile to come out to the living area from the bedroom but he has survived.  The Guardian device has it's merits. I have that and a larger one called Dazer II . It emits a stronger or louder sound which he really hears outside. He suddenly walks calmer after one quick second push of the button.  Inside I will say the Guardian works fine too. Ozzie sees it and quiets without even turning it on.  Lola? She ignores all. Thankfully telling her inside she's silly and too shush seems to work for her.

Would I recommend them? Since each is under 30.00 or 25.00 I'd say yes. I think some dogs are insensitive to them and I have read reports that said after awhile the dogs disregard the noise but I think as a training tool it will be just fine. (As long as you remember to turn them off) Ugh.  When we head for the park I put the outside unit in my pocket and just that gets results. A quiet calmer walkies.  (we will see how long that lasts)

No painting today for me. Tomorrow we get our awning arm fixed and we will make a list of what we need for our journey.  For two weeks we will be off the beaten track so we need to make a good plan.

Have a great night...



  1. How much Wine do you have? That is about the extent of my travel planning skills.

  2. Mimosas sound perfect to celebrate. Glad all went well last night....And glad you and Roger have officially started your adventure

  3. now its really getting exciting,xx Rachel