Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ordering Art Supplies and Silly Me

This is the silly me part. The thing I'm holding is an indoor anti bark device. It emits a high pitch sound that only dogs can hear and I got it just to press when the kids were screaming out the window at passer-bys.  It actually worked. Yesterday I picked it up and by accident , my finger hit the on button.  Sammy wasn't feeling well to start but as the day wore on he was panting rapidly and very uncomfortable. We went to the park and he was acting strange, for Sam that's acting really calm.  When we got back to the coach he didn't want to come in. I was worried. Roger came home and he was still panting and acting strange so I googled anxiety in dogs. Strange sounds cause anxiety was the first thing that my eyes came to. I ran to the small little unit and sure enough I had turned it on. As soon as I turned it off, Sam calmed.  What have I done?? My little velcro guy is staying clear of me and is afraid to move.  He's been sleeping in the bedroom all morning away from us all and I am feeling awful.  My hope that in time he realizes I'm not using it anymore and comes back to his crazy self. Well, half crazy.  I did notice he never even barked at the small dogs this morning walking by the park, but also noticed he didn't want to play.  My advice if you have one of very aware that it's off.

Tonight is my first attempt at leaving them alone for any length of time. It's Roger's retirement party over at the Port. (Cape Canaveral) . I'll have the a/c on and the tv turned up so they should be fine...hide the pillows, and anything they can get into in the two hours that I'll be gone.  They will be fine. There are no storms predicted in the area for today of tonight so everything should be fine.

For the day today I am ordering art supplies so I'll have enough for our adventure and probably two more bags of dog food.  Rearranging the basement and actually throwing things out from the time we moved in and measuring my bike to order a bike rack for CiCi Blue!  And finally, worrying more about Sammy! Sigh.

Have a great day...



  1. don't feel bad these things happen,I reckon you will make sure it is off so this silly accident won't happen again,xx Rachel

  2. Hmm, sounds like a great device when you don't have human operation errors! ��. I always say we live in a cave with all the blinds shut so the dogs can't see anything to bark at. Also have the tv turned up loud so they can't hear anything. When we leave them we have both tv"s on (they are partial to HGTV), and we have a fan we turn on that makes noise. It is a wonder they aren't deaf! Let me now if you decide that this device works when poor Sammy gets back to normal. I just have never wanted to use the shock collars.

  3. I'm doing an update on today's blog here...It's off for sure but I think I like it!!