Sunday, August 10, 2014

Today May Be The Parade

Well I thought for sure we would be doing a happy dance with full on parade floats and balloons but we have to go to the house today to finish.  Yesterday, of course, was filled with excitements.

Sammy, as I have mentioned before, has anxiety. For the past few days he has also had bad diarrhea. (sorry Sam, I know that's personal but you may be able to help someone else by telling your story)

The poor guy , nothing stayed in and poor me, constant cleaning.  Friday night I took a sample and when we went to Palm Bay yesterday took it to his vets. Roger and I went out to breakfast and then Dr. Rodriguez called me with the results. Sure enough, Sammy had Stress Related Colitis. He's so me. hahaha.  Thankfully now we could help him. Drove back to the vets office and picked up 3 cans of Canine i/d. I'll give him that for a few days a little at a time during the day.  Along with that he has Metronidazole for the bad bacteria and Proviable KP paste to bring back the good bacteria in his gut.  Our regular Dr.Thomson there also prescribed Diazepam for his stress when he needs it. (Bless you Dr. Mike)

I totally understand Sammy's confusion these days.  Where do we really live? Who are these strange people driving big cars all around us? And, OMG, small animals on leads.!! What are they???

For all the above reasons I always have Sammy close to me just knowing his anxieties.  That is outside..inside he's a velcro boy. Well too, we now live in an RV. We are all velcro people. Haha.

Roger just came back with our Stuckey's breakfast, then off we go. We will celebrate tonight!!!

Have a great day!!!



  1. hope Sammy feels better soon,once the house stuff stops and you are just staying in the RV he will settle into a better routine,xx Rachel

    1. Thanks Rachel, We are here now! Life will be good!!! xx

  2. Hurray for the last day.... Just a few more hours Sammy and you'll be in the RV and only have one lovely home. Sending you energy to get the work done today.... Hugs, Lou