Monday, June 9, 2014

Back To Reality

So, yesterday we brought the l  kids to the RV. Sammy is our anxious one. Ugh. To say the ride up was fun would be a huge lie!! We bought them Kurgo seat harnesses so I strapped Sammy in the front then put Lola in back. Roger took his car since he works today so he took Ozzie.  Off we went.  Sam got up, sat down, got up,sat down. All 45 minutes to Scottsmoor. Finally we arrived.

Surprisingly they knew it was ours because they went right up the steps and into the coach.

Lola is right at home. She's so laid back, as long as we are they she's fine.

Our stressing Sammy. Even with homeopathic drops.

Here he is watching Ozzie run back and forth with a tennis ball. Life is goof for Oz!

Finally, the day exhausted him.

Then taking them out to walk was another challenge. This morning I finally got Lola and Sammy to sit and stay. "Wait" should have been the correct command but they were too much in a hurry. I was able to get down the stairs of the coach and outside before I said come. Whew. Today I am getting a prong collar for Sam. We looked like a circus act last night trying to walk.  Roger doesn't see why I get so stressed. haha. Really? He has one dog I have two going in different directions!! We will get this.

Sleeping was another adventure. We turned the a/c down to low so since Oz and Sam always sleep with us, I lost my covers. I froze. The mattress is hard so my hip hurt and my shoulder hurt. Poor me. haha. Ordering our new gel foam mattress this week.!!! 

Lola slept at the bottom of the bed on the floor.  Good girl. Then after I made coffee this morning I threw them in the car all attached and back to the house we came. They will stay here while I go paint and to a drs.

Now the RV. I think the Universe knew it needed to have everything break before we left Lazy Days. Thankfully it was all repaired. I have to say though Roger and I did really well getting out the"Bible"and trying to troubleshoot. Not the BIBLE but the Country Coach book of all things. 

A blown fuse for the slides, then the refrigerator went off. We learned that rubbing a magnet on the box outside in the fridg compartment starts it.  Ah, then taking a shower the water stopped. We checked the panel in front to see if we had run out but no. They replaced the water pump. 

Roger drove across state to the RV park and did fantastic!! It's amazing to see how many people think they can pass on the right of those big beasts. We had a lense in the front window passenger side so Roger could see cars coming in his blind side but some were too fast. One was almost sqwished. Bet he doesn't do that again. He raced in front of me first then cut around thinking he would get in front to the RV. He did but I bet his pants are funny!!! I know my hair turned white!!

Ok, I'm in the shower then off to do stuff for the day!! More news later!!

Warmly. Sheila


  1. the pups will soon settle in,But I bet you can't wait for your new matress,xx Rachel and Speedy

    1. You are so right about the mattress!!! Hopefully next week!!!

  2. The adventure is off to a good start.... Yay!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. It is and I'm loosing weight.. Probably from stress and holding the dogs on the leads. We will get better!!!

  4. We got a 3" foam mattress topper for ours. Also got electric heated mattress pad. Works wonders in the cold temps. Don't have to run the furnace. Did I just say furnace?? Think that ages me!

    1. Hahaha Cathie, I would say furnace too!!! The foam topper sounds wonderful.