Sunday, June 29, 2014

They Never Sit Still When You Want..

I cleaned my studio this weekend and still have one day to go. It's been tough moving my "life" as an artist, throwing things, selling things and trying to find out what to take. Once I get back to painting I will be a happy "camper ,so to speak.   When I'm not painting I'm not that much fun to be with. lol.  Soon!!!

This weekend Ozzie and Roger did an agility trial. Ozzie is on the far right. Sammy is sitting for his picture, laying back down right after it. Roger, who got up and out at 5 AM for the past two mornings is the lump in the middle. Poor guy! Ozzie did fantastic winning three trophies.

I went to take a photo of the winner as he did a great sit/stay , but alas, they never sit when you want do they!!  This is Lola putting her mug into the camera. She's ready for her closeup Mr DeMille!!

Sammy, Lola and I got up the the RV around 11:30 this morning. Shared a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich then took a walk to the dog park.  Lola loves running ,especially when Ozzie is there to play with her, so I didn't see her coming at me full force. My hips go out of wack from standing all these years of painting and I've found my my muscles in my right hip flexor are getting tight and I have a tough time getting going.  I was dazed more than hurt when we collided but I'm thinking a visit to the Chiropractor is on my to do list this week. Thankfully I have a massage therapist that can also work on it. Sigh. When I say I'm getting a massage people say "oh lucky".  Working the muscles that don't want to release..may I say a huge OUCH.

About a year ago I bought a few bottles of liquid Glucosamine. I took it but as time wore on I'd forget. Well I discovered a whole bottle in our fridge and it's with me now!!! In just two days, wow, what a difference. 

Our daily storm. 

I went out to put on our new tire covers. I know they are the correct size, (I think) but for the life of me I can't get them on the tire. The top of the tire goes up under the ridge of the rig and the width of the tire goes way back, lol,.. I feel so dumb. They are covers for bus tires and I measured 39" and the cover is 40 to 42". Shouldn't it go on? They are heavy and really nice so I hope they do fit.  We'll try again after Roger, "Rests his eyes"

Two of three. Ozzie's trophies!! Job well done. First, second and a third!!!

Well I'm defrosting  chicken for the first time in our Advantium Microwave /oven.  Very exciting. Oh the little things in life!!!

Have a great night, til tomorrow,

Warmly, Sheila

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