Sunday, June 1, 2014

Down And Out

Well stress and excitement have a way of doing wonderful things to me. Yesterday I came down with, let's say, a stomach virus. So I have been under the weather a bit.

I did manage to do some throwing and sorting but got to the point that I became paralyzed with the enormity of the task.  So this Thursday ,hopefully we will be going over to Tampa to do the walk through and bring "CiCi Blue" home. My plan then is to bring to her what I want.  The remaining treasures will for now go to storage or be in the estate sale or the dumpster.

I thought moving from New Hampshire to Florida was tough but oh no. We are moving from a 3 bedroom home to a "closet".  A large closet but ..well you know.  I pick up things the kids have made, my two legged children, and they are treasures to me. I'm hoping they fit in a small container that I can sneak in and put in one of my clothes cubbies.  I have 4 pairs of pants, my shoes...not saying how many...some long sleeve jersey's and some other tops. My leggings, my favorite long coat and fun short jacket and of course my jean shirts. Oh and two skirts. What more do I need?

The biggest thing I will be packing is of course my art supplies and some hardcover art books. Everything else is on my Kindle.

It's just overwhelming right now. With ADHD, I have trouble remembering the third thing on the list or if I do remember, it's tough to get it done. So with that, getting my commissions done, remembering what I need to do for appointments for the week , who to keep who I need to rearrange, then add clearing out the house..

Well I suppose everyone even without adding ADHD onto that would be a little crazed.

Going back to Friday, my son Jamie was in town so I had lunch/breakfast with him. We went to an all day breakfast restaurant about 1:00pm and I had eggs. It was great. After he left I noticed our Sammy had a huge round area on his neck that was raw. He likes to stove surf so I thought he may have been burned. So, off to the vets. Turns out it's a hot spot. sigh. Maybe from a bite , or his collar rubbing on his neck after he had been swimming, or maybe taking on my stress!!! He's on prednisone and antibiotics and needs to stay dry.

Where is he???

I just woke up from a nap! And now I'm going to scream!!! LOL

Better days a'coming!!



  1. Hang in there. It''ll all get done

  2. Hang in there, it WILL get better!! Hoping you feel better soon. Allergies are super bad now for pets, my Cody is having a flare up too...he also takes Prednisonol

    1. Thanks Caren. His hot spot is drying but he's sticking to me like glue. Poor guy.

  3. I understand how hard it is to get rid of little mementos from the kids. One solution is to take a picture of them and put the picture in a special memory album. That way the little paper mâché turtle, glitter Christmas cardboard star, etc. will stay with you forever. In reality, it is the memory you want to keep. Good luck and hope you feel better.

    1. That's a great idea!!! You are right, it is the memory. Xx