Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1 ...And A Dead Chassis Battery

I'll start off telling you about the chassis battery. Yesterday our son, Jamie, stopped by to see us before he drove back to Mn. We did the whole "look at this, touch this, sit here" thing with him in the coach. We started the generator and then after that I asked Roger to start up CiCi Blue so Jay could hear the diesel. Nothing! No lights on the dash, no brumm brumm of the engine, nothing. Roger got out his trusty amp and voltage meter and alas, dead chassis battery. Now we are wondering why. It could be because it's old, a 10 year old battery does die or could it be something else. Roger remembered back when we were having slide issues one of the men opening the bay and saying it smelled like something burning or very hot.

Yes, we got out the Bible. I googled everything I could find. Could the battery have boiled and died that way and then why would it boil. The next question is, is there some drain we don't know about and it's draining the battery?  We are so thankful we are here at the Park and it happened here rather than out in the wilderness.  First we will do research then call our mobile repair guy to make sure there's not an underlying condition before we spend zillions for a new battery. From reading it seems to be a common problem.

I did not put this ball there. There is velcro on the front curtain and this is where Ozzie likes to hang. After he jumped off there this morning I turned to see this. Well, I know we have to store our things so maybe Oz feels this is a great place to store his Tennis balls! Soon after I took this picture he jumped back up, took it off and brought it somewhere else.

Sammy lounging!! Another reference for one of my paintings, also the next pic you see.

I love painting large. This may be but first I need to figure out how to do it. Maybe outside!

You keep seeing this one and each time it changes. That's because the season is changing outside and that's where I am painting. Haha. I bought new brushes and having fun working with them. 

I'm using a limited palette of Quinacridone Red,Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine Violet, Lemon Yellow and Gamblin brand Warm White. Making all the color with just these few tubes of paint brings the painting together in a wonderful way. Roger was busy so I had all three kids out with me and had to deal with woofs and tangles of their metal leads that we attach them too. Then the wind blew up and turned everything over. I'll sneak out early tomorrow and finish it...alone.

Thats it for today. Our friend let us borrow a telescope to look at the stars so Roger is downloading directions and pointers so tonight we can try it out!!! So, have a great evening and see you tomorrow!


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