Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday Night And Staying In

The weather has been cold.., and today it just got me huddled in the rig wanting to sleep. Actually, I cleaned so that tomorrow I can work on my paintings.

I was going through photos on my phone and lately we have been using our phones data to get our internet. The Campground internet is sporadic and at least this way we can keep are online business going.  The painting above was done on 6" x 6" copper and placed on a small easel. It has sold but thinking today, how perfect for RV living! See, even feeling crummy I am always thinking of ways of making a living while traveling. hahaha!

I did hear some exciting news. An online facebook friend and artist is coming here to Crystal Lake Park in January! What a hoot that will be. Terri Malloy  She travels with 4 greyhounds in her new travel trailer and works on the road too.

Saturday night here is usually movie night but Roger and I are staying in! We love watching the string of English shows on BBC. A night of laughter, hot chocolate and suspense! (The suspense is a detective show..hahaha.) 

  Sigh, I loved my studio. Just need to get accustomed to having the world as my studio now. Hmm, I think I like the sound of that!!

Ok, heading back to the couch, well after Lola goes out to do what she needs. She's been woofing at me for over a half hour.

Have a great night!!



  1. Wish you lived closer in this long county of ours. I miss your studio too and remember those happy days with you, Lou and Susan laughing and painting. Remember our spooky time picking a name for our new painter that actually happened to be her name!!! I still have a huge collection of acrylic paints and empty canvas boards that I meant to get through under your tutelage. Maybe someday (probably not)! Meanwhile, you just keep on painting every day, missie, and sell lots and lots of those puppy pillows. You, of course, have the real live pillows on your couch. Still missing you and wishing you a happy holiday and sunshine to get out and paint. xxoo

    1. Kaye, I know, extreme opposites! You just made me usual, Annabella,,,,
      Happy holidays to you too...lunch after Christmas?!! xxx000