Thursday, December 18, 2014

Taking A Small Break

I've been working on an 18" x 24" oil for someone for a Christmas gift. I've been tying myself to the easel and I need to get it finished by tomorrow. There is always something that seems to be off and it's driving me nuts. Can we say a group PRESSURE!! haha..but then I always work well under the pressure and just know I will succeed in getting this finished and looking good!

So Roger came home from errands and his massage and said we should take the kids to the park. And we did. A nice respite.

Probably the first time I sat down today. They didn't want me to not be doing something with my hands.

When we first got Lola, Sammy was not a fan. Just recently they started playing together and what we are seeing is Sammy teaching Lola some rules. He also taught Ozzie when we got him as a pup. Biting and nipping is not a nice thing when playing. Lola likes grabbing necks and pulling. Sammy gets her on her back, Lola goes down in submission, and Sammy mouths her neck.  He is her "mother" for a bit. 

This is Lola asking Sam to play. If he doesn't respond right away she leaps on his back as I yell, Lola NO. I just imagine her weight on him but he is pretty agile for almost 10 so it's all good.

As you can see, Lola is a goof. She tucks her head and rolls then lays flat. They do this over and over as Sammy keeps his alpha position with her. 

I have a new battery in my jeep and it works!!! Now to contact to find out if they can deliver a chassis battery to us and hopefully put it in.  With me painting everyday I have let a few things go in the coach. Oiling the wood to keep it in good condition is one thing on my list. I see areas that are drying and need attention.  We bought a dehumidifier for CiCi Blue and so far I'm happy. The condensation on windows has stopped. If you see it there I wonder what's in the walls.? I go around touching them to make sure they are dry.

I was looking for a pair a jeans in the cubby over our bed and felt my clothes wet. Feeling at the top of the area I collected drops on my hand and then went into a panic. The cabinets are all lined with rug material and it was dry. Country Coach did this baby up right.  Roger said it was probably condensation so I pulled everything out and placed a small container of  DampRid and voila', it's fine. We also have DampRid in our bathroom. They really work fantastic. Something you would never think of as a newbie. Always learning.

Well, dinner awaits. (Roger is the cook) So have a great evening and see you tomorrow!!


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