Thursday, June 18, 2015

100 Degrees In The Shade

Lola says to stay inside because it's broiling outside. It's been at least 100 everyday this week. There is a breeze but of course that's a hot breeze. Tonight I went to take a cold shower but the water has been warmed in the tank, I'm sure that's the reason, and it came out hot. The three kids have been sleeping a lot.

This past weekend I flew up to New Hampshire to see my daughter and her family. It was my youngest granddaughters dance recital. It was also cooler out and I loved it!

Kelsey on her toes. So precious! 

And my two girls. Kelsey and my oldest granddaughter, Morgan!

Then, while I was gone, Penny, one of the park owners was rushed to the hospital with severe dehydration.  Her kidneys were ready to shut down and it was extremely serious. Wendy, her sister, was at the hospital 24/7 so I helped out in the office. I have had experience doing office/phone work so that was fine it was just if someone asked me what was available and the price. Hahaha. Important things I'm thinking. Wendy texted me info so it all went well. I do know I can do it but boy, it's good to be back painting now. 

Roger and I are doing research on tow dollies. So far I seem to like the The America Tow Dolly. Reasonably priced and they will deliver it and actually show us how to use it. It's exciting as we plan our trip this coming September to Georgia. Our second Sea trial! We also need to figure out why all the lights are coming on when we turn on the rig. Sigh. Not to worry, we will get it!! 

So, life lesson this week in the heat... diet coke and gatorade will not hydrate you. Water!!! Just water til you swim. I'm not a coke drinker but Penny was. Thankfully she is home and on her way to recovery!!

Oki, Ozzie and Lola are playing and running amok in the coach so I'm heading to the couch to pick my feet up so I don't get stomped on .

Have a great night and chat again soon,

Warmly, Sheila


  1. wow that is hot,send it to the uk we could do with some heat here,xx Rachel

    1. I'll send it there Rachel if you send me the cooler weather!! ;-) xx