Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bathhouse Painted, Commission Shipped, Still Hot

Roger and I finished the bathhouse trim together the other day! It looks quite nice I must say. We did get silly from the heat a few times and started laughing non stop when we thought of our age and the heat we were in.  Then we marched, as I did in our sticks and bricks house, right into the pool fully clothed. It was a bit like bath water from the sun but after awhile our core temp dropped and I felt a chill.

The trim before was a royal blue. Wasn't sure how I'd like the tan color but it looks very clean. Yeah, us!!

So what else have I been doing? Working on more commission pieces. I'm so grateful to be getting work. This is an 8" x 10" start of a beautiful Black labrador from Scotland! I was fortunate to be able to paint my clients yellow Lab last year and this will go lovely on their wall.

With it so hot out and now our getting afternoon storms, I like to go in our room and lay down for a nap or just listen to the wind and rain. My "alone" time one would think!

Not sure if you can see it clearly but there is my arm. The hair next to my arm is Lola! She comes right in and up, laying down the side of my body. Ozzie, our chocolate Lab, is just above her fur and my arm directly beside my head! Sammy, our Black Lab, is below the fur and laying on my feet. I believe the saying, "Three Dog Night" (Not the band) is from people in the northern hemisphere bringing their dogs into bed with them for warmth. Good thing I love these guys! 

On the 17th I made an appointment for Lola Bear to have a Spa Day!! Zoomin Groomin is coming once more.  Lola hates me trimming her but loves being brushed. She sees scissors and she's off.  So, she is scheduled for a luxurious bath then trim. De tangled and furminated to get that ol winter coat off her rump,followed by a sani-trim, girls shouldn't have odors, and finally a blow dry!  2 to 3 hours of spa! I can hardly wait!! I brush her hair daily but right now it's at a length that she sneezes and it becomes a mat. hahaha.  I'm not sure how short her hair will be as her hair protects her from the sun and heat. so minimal. Pics will follow.

And on the to do list this week, New lock fixtures. My bathroom cabinet. Oh-oh.  Actually I need a few for around the Coach. After 11 years I think they are due to break. Camping World is a few exits away from us here so it will be a quick trip. 

Ok, heading to the bedroom, with everyone, hahaha, for a snooze. 
Have a great evening and I'll chat again with you soon.


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