Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Heat Continues

I know, we live in Florida. It should be hot, but, the past few weeks Florida has been breaking records that were made in 1920.  There have been times I said I wished I had lived back then but gee, I could do it without the heat. Could you imagine? In 1920 woman still had to be covered. They still wore the long heavy dresses and buttoned shoes for the most part and even their summer swimsuits looked like an outfit.  No, I don't think I would have survived long back then. The heat bothers me as it is so 98 degrees with a heat index of 108 just would not do.

Our Ci Ci Blue has been fantastic. We do have the front a/c running all day up front, then at night the bedroom a/c is on. It's wonderful and the dogs are content. A few people with trailers have said their a/c just isn't keeping up at all. 98 out and inside their trailer it has been high 80's or low 90's. Let's hear it for Country Coach!!!  Storms seem to go under us or over us or straight down the middle of the state. Frustrating. We hear the thunder and see the lightning but no rain!

The lightning hit an exit away from us in the pine scrubs and started a fire. 100 acres burned and the cloud was amazing. We also keot an eye on it in case it progressed and started for us.  It was, happily, put out during the night.

10:10 A.M. 85 degrees and feels like 89, and rising.  Roger is out painting the trim on the bathhouse. Thankfully in the shade. I did a bit of ground work with Wendy and just came back in. Soaked!  Fed the kids and now they are snoozing and comfy under the a/c.  My job today is hiding and finishing two commission pieces that need to be mailed on Friday! Yikes. Can I do it?? You bet!!!

So for now I'll close and will write again soon. 

Stay safe and cool.....