Friday, August 28, 2015

Should We Stay or Should We go

First let me show you my new toy!!  Roger and I both got one! A 12 speed folding bike from Camping World, and, on a sale!!! They were 120.00 exch and we dove in!

I was able to switch my basket to the handle bars and put on my bell. Love it. So, what does it feel like at first to ride a smaller wheeled and framed bike? I wasn't sure if I was on a unicycle or was a bear on a bike in a circus.  I am on it everyday so I'm finally getting accustomed to it. It will fold up and fit under the coach in the basement and we will be able to ride together when we go on vacation next week.  My old bike, I did love it, I payed forward to the girl next door to us. She was over the moon.

Today Roger and I took everything we would not need on vacation and made room for our inflatable boat, our chairs, lots of water, can goods and odds and ends. Since we are leaving our car here at the park we put everything in there. A lot of things I will never need or use so can get rid of them when we get home.

So, Erika. At first we thought we would get 65 MPH wind here in Central Florida as it went up along our coast. What do we do? Where do we go? I read every blog I could find on RV's and hurricanes and Tropical storms.  "Put your rear into the wind".. Not sure if Hurricanes know one direction to come in at.  "Don't get hit broadside". "Pull in your slides...leave them out."  "Make sure you stay away from that section of Florida". Ah, we live here. Ok, we could drive north and have it follow us, or west and still be in it. Or drive north, west and head towards the Gulf and find it went in that direction.  Category 1. If it were a 2 or above we would have already left!  So, we decided to stay. I looked around to see what trees could hit us but our spot seems secure.  Thinking we made a good descision as of 5 P.M. since they said the storm may fizzle or stay as a tropical storm and go up on the west coast. 40mph winds and rain for us, maybe. On a regular rainy afternoon we get gusts of 40 MPH so we are ready. dog food, check, cookies, check, wine, check. We are ready!!! Keep your fingers crossed it stays as it is. I'll keep you posted!

Last minute I remembered it had been "National Dog Day" and took this quickie as a commemoration.

When our lights had gone out, by mistake, Roger bought lamps. Now what do we do with them??

They make it so homey!!! 

And finally the commission I needed done and out before my clients wife's birthday. Happy to say, accomplished!!!!

She loved it!!! Years ago I had painted her previous dogs and her husband thought it would be nice to have their new ones done too. I am honored!! I go, hopefully not in a blowing away sense.!!!

Chat again soon, honest!!



  1. love the painting and the lamps,xx Rachel

  2. Me, too! Love the painting - they look like nice dogs. I've always liked small lamps like that on a table or desk. They make a room feel cozy and are the perfect light when watching TV. Good luck with the weather, I hope it all misses you. :)

    1. Thanks Barbara. The lamps just give such nice ambiance. So homey. packing and storing today to head out for a bit. Excited!!! xx