Friday, October 23, 2015

The Man In The Fishing Hat

Now there's a title for you. So Sheila, you met a man in a fishing hat? Nice! End of story. Oh no, it's a good one.!!

This morning the alarm went off at 6 A.M.. I hit the snooze button until 6:20. My lord, it was dark out there! Then I heard the "ding" of my incoming text message from Wendy asking if we were up.  The plan this morning was Roger, Wendy, Nicole (a younger person in the campground) and I were off to Cape Canaveral Seashore to collect shells. Nicole had made a beautiful small lamp from shells and we were intrigued. It may even be fun to have a class this winter for people so we were on a mission.

Roger collecting his shells. Gorgeous beach.

 Wendy collecting her shells. 

Thankfully I brought my walking stick with me. The two and a half miles we walked did a number on my hip and leg.  I was sitting here when I took this. So, what about the man with the fishing hat?

To get to this part of the beach we walked through Playalinda Beach. It's Brevard Countys nude beach and it was pretty crowded. Couples strolling and a lot of men standing and stretching.  When Roger and I traveled to St. Martin and went to the clothing optional beach there, that seemed to be something the men there like d to do. Stand and stretch, somewhat like we see the Sandhill Cranes do here when they are looking for a mate. 

So, as we stroll, what does one do in passing? My thought? The same as I would do if all were fully clothed.. say hello.  Enter the man with the fishing hat! He stood proud watching the ocean for that huge fish that would catch his line. Hi, I said, catch anything? "No", he replied, "Still waiting".  Then off I went.  I was able to get my share of shells, then found a spot and sat down, while Wendy, Nicole and Roger forged on up the beach.  I grabbed Roger's camera bag and found a soft spot to lay my head. Then for the next 30 minutes I found my new energy. The waves are larger than usual right now from storms going up or across the peninsula and the crashing started to put me to sleep. 

How could you not be renewed after laying here for awhile alone.

Now for our hike back to the car. I have to say that being the underdog of sorts, (clothed) , I felt like an outsider. Almost uncomfortable that I was dressed. There were a few moments that were comical, turning to look at scenery and seeing a quite large man bending over fighting his pants as he was putting them on. Not one of the Sandhill Cranes. 

The man with the fishing hat was standing higher on the rise of sand and I was going to pass him. The recognition. "So," I said staring solidly into his eyes, "Catch anything yet?". "It's small" he replied, then added the rain was going to hit the beach within a half hour and they'd all be clearing off the beach". "Well, have a great day", I said as I hobbled on.  

Definitely the great equalizer don't you think? A nice man and I have no idea what he does for a living, if his clothes say "well off" or poor man. Was he a lawyer, a doctor? He may have been a robber or even a murderer. (a little extreme) . He spoke well so I got the sense he was educated his hat, liked to fish. 
An interesting day. I then got home, crawled onto our bed with ice and fell asleep for two hours.! 

Have a great night!!!


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