Monday, May 2, 2016

Getting Ready....Are We Really??

Well, this Friday, our friends Betty and Bob are leaving for home. The second season of goodbyes. On top of that, the heat is coming back with a vengeance. Today my back was starting to get itchy and my arms had pins stabbing them. A true sign of what is to come.

Not a dog in site.! I was commissioned to do a large painting for a wall in a new Florida home. We talked about it for about a year trying to decide size and content. I showed them a Plein Air painting that I had painted and they loved the color and asked if I could do something like that and add a dragon fly. Their large ottoman had dragonfly motif on it so ,Voila!!  Then the size! One thought was 36" x 40" but being the artist I decided the wall could handle a 48" x 48" canvas and it did perfectly. Success!!! 

So how does one celebrate the end of a large commission piece?? We ordered a tow dolly!!!  Doesn't everyone? (ok, I also bought a Kindle paperwhite so I could read outside and Roger got a pair of new sandals.) We had researched many brands of tow dollys and the American Car Dolly meets all our needs. The company is backed up so delivery may not be til sometime in June. 

Today I finally got on the phone and called our warranty company to tell them about our dead backup camera/navigation/radio system, then called our go to repair company to add that onto the list along with our stair motor. The last call was to a local Hydo-Hot system repair man. He's certified and we need ours to be cleaned and inspected. During the cold weather our hot water, which is usually on demand, wasn't. When we clicked the diesel switch for it to kick on it only lasted a few minutes before turning off. The system also pre warms our engine before we head out so hopefully it's just clogged.  Getting ready! 

The next thing to do is have the ABS system checked and our oil pressure issue. (Holding breath)  Once we know what's going on there..the sky is the limit. 

Lola is getting ready too!! I got her her own backpack. I have read that since they have been bred to work and carry loads it may help her focus on working rather than a squirrel or other dog.  When she got it on her back, she shook her head and started to parade!  I'm hopeful!

So where would we go. Our plan is to head north to New Hampshire. Our daughter Erin and her family lives there and I would love to spend the summer close to them, plus it would be fun blogging about our trip. Finally!! 

So, to be continued.......

Have a great night and I will actually be back tomorrow with more stuff to chat about. (I'm biting at the bit to start my new reading on the Kindle!! )