Thursday, May 4, 2017

27 Days And Counting Down

Dogs need their shots, Lola needs to be trimmed for the summer, still need to go down into the basement...So what did I accomplish today?

Finished the painting I was working on. Last year I donated 2 gift certificates to the Newfoundland Group in this area. A woman from Cocoa Beach won a portrait. I'm excited because this Monday I am driving down to actually deliver it to her in person. Not for praise but to meet her Newfie. She takes him around the country doing seminars and training in cart pulling and he's one or the top Newf in that field.  She has also been giving me great pointers in working with my Lola Bear. Lola is a reactive girl. She is afraid of things and reacts to it in lunging. Dogs? She wants to meet them after being afraid but again wants to pull me across the road. So we walk with a bag of fun treats as I say the magic word, "HERE". When she hears it she looks at me, then nudges my hand for the treat. If at times, and oh yes there are, that she is totally focused on something, I put her in a sit and down stay. (I wish I had her focus).  She stays until the magic word.."Break". Treat. Then she shakes and I know we are good to go. Heidi assures me we are on the right track and that it takes time. I have to be be calm, assertive (ha..except for when she almost pulled me over in the chair and I screamed). I don't want to be angry with her, Newfies have a tendency to shut down and be stubborn if their feelings are hurt.

After finishing my oil I started a drawing for a small watercolor.  Maybe I'll work on this later tonight. Oh, I did hang out a pair of jeans and two pillow cases that Roger found out and about the grounds. Who knew it was so windy out. 😱

And now it's time to take these kids out for their afternoon walk! Tomorrow our Sammy turns 12! With all his bumps and lumps he's still able to run after the ball. We give him two runs then he lays down only because it's hot out. He can still jump up on the bed when we aren't looking but otherwise he barks for me to give him a boost. I understand though. If his bones ache like mine do at times, hmm, maybe he will give me a boost one of these days.

So that's it for today. Have a great night and I'll see you tomorrow!! What will Day 26 and Counting be like!!


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