Saturday, May 6, 2017

Day # 25 To Rolling Day

So what was accomplished today? After my wonderful massage yesterday I was feeling really good and walking great. I decided before I painted today I would go below into the depths and empty out my basement bay!

It's about a 3' distance under the slide out to the bay door. It's a bend and crouch move and here goes. I placed my yoga mat on the ground and went in! I got about 15 canvas and a few paintings that I meant to send but forgot, (They were in the basement) so those are out and will be shipped. Two people will be pleasantly surprised and one will be shocked. (In a fun way).

Now our basement holds two anti gravity chaise and one painting for my granddaughter that was meant to go about two years ago. I just always believed we would have traveled long before this. The plastic bag is for our window screen covers when we take them off to go.

At least 4 or 5 bike trips to the dumpster and I was done. Everything that the massage accomplished yesterday has been undone but thankfully I have my trusty rolling pin and I've been rolling it over my glutes and IT band since noon.  Now we are outside in front of the coach having a beer and relaxing, and yes I do look tired!

Last year we had two Sandhill Cranes give birth to one baby. We think the new noisy bird is that baby and his "lady". They are coming over to the park separately so that means there's an egg in the nest. The female was here a few minutes ago then as the male came she flew home. There is a size difference between them so that's how we are guessing their sexes. Scary, but wonderful, we have been come Sandhill Crane officionados.

So until tomorrow, have a great night!! 


P.S. Never got to paint. 😞


  1. You are so lucky to have cranes in the wild like this, loved the video :)

  2. the Crane is Beautiful,xx Speedy and Rachel

  3. Thanks Rachel and Speedy. We love them!! xo

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