Friday, May 11, 2018

It Turned Into A Vacation

Having the second site to the beach was a plus, then finding out dear friends from the James K Polk reunions were in town at the same time and we were going to get to see them!

 Roger and Jim were both submariners on the James K. Polk, SSBN. They were on at different years but it doesn't matter. There is a strong bond between the men who served on her as well as the wives. Margie, Jim's wife introduced me to Tequila Rose many years ago.

I couldn't remember where I placed my selfie stick so we had to glue ourselves together to get us all into the photo. Not a quick process so if people drove by they would see us just huddled together looking a bit strange and laughing non stop. (Of course I remembered where it was at 2:00 A.M.)

Friends like this are hard to come by and we cherish them. It's been about 3 years since we last got together due to work or other "stuff" but it's like we saw them yesterday. Love you Murph and Marg!!


No, he's still with us and turned 13 yesterday!  On his dinner of his Acana Pacifica and green beans, I placed a big blob of ice cream and quietly sang Happy Birthday! Not sure if he heard as he was gobbling down the toppings! 

Sammy has always been a swimmer. Even when we weren't in the pool, he was. Either sitting on a step luxuriating  or swimming around searching for the tennis ball that was laying on the bottom. Now that he's "older" he's a bit more cautious. His back legs slipped into a hole and I could see a bit of panic but he got right back up and looked at me and I knew that meant he wanted to be in a safer climate. It didn't help that Lola was massively energized and wanted to play. 

So, today is our travel day. Check in is 1:00 P.M. so we can go slower packing up this morning. The week has turned out to be a much needed vacation, unplanned and just wonderful. No art, just reading. Ok , it was about Monet and inspiring but no painting or drawing. I sat in the sun, covered with sun tan lotion and my huge hat, tempted fate and loved it. When I'm working I'm rarely outside so this was a huge treat for me. (Hmm, maybe that's why my vitamin D levels are low in my blood work..well definitely made up for it.)

We are traveling up to Four Oaks, N.C. today to an RV park that some of the reviews say don't like rigs under 2005 age. When I called they asked and I told them CiCi was 2004. Yesterday I did go out and wash off the bird doo from the side wall and rear bedroom window and wiped dust off her from our travels so I think she will pass muster just fine.

Time to have a bite of toast, then start the packing up ritual. (Grimace face here with deer in headlights added on). Onward to New Hampshire!!

Have a great day..


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