Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Leaving Florida Again

But not before seeing our grandson Logan and getting our way over due yearly photo.  Just love this guy!!

So, off we drove to Georgia. Our goal was to get to North Myrtle Beach and see family and friends and stay a few days and regroup. Just sit on the beach and energize our souls!

Our first stop was in Townsend ,Georgia at Lake Harmony RV Park. Small roads for CiCiBlue getting in and out but what a sweet campground. So quiet and shaded. Well, quiet except for the toads that chatted all night. Not a bad sound at all. This is Sammy getting us safely to our park.

Check in is at the old Shrimp boat office. Nice touch for this area. 

Lola and I had finished our walk and were sitting outside as Roger and the boys came around the corner heading home.So peaceful.

We stayed two nights and our friends Betty and Bob from our cross country tour were coming up from Florida and also got a site here for a night. Fun catching up after a few weeks.

Our next stop was to be in Summerton, South Carolina at Palmetto Shores RV Park. Large pull through site and close to Marion Lake.  After we settled we took the kids out for their walk for sniffing the area. I took Lola right down to the lake. The winds were pretty strong that day so waves were lapping up on the shore and she was frightened. One step forward, three back. (You will notice the difference though when we get to the beach)

That evening we decided to go over to the on site restaurant for a nice dinner at 4:00 P.M. And a nice dinner it was. I think we splurged.

I started out with a Caramel Cheesecake Martini.

I'm a wine drinker and a water consumer but tonight I decided to have something fun! It was.

And of course, we threw in desert!!

Roger was happy with his Pinot Noir!

And my dinner. Smothered Chicken. 

We stayed just one night here so we could get to Myrtle Beach and just relax When I had made the reservations, I was asked where I would like to be in the park. I said, ah...as close to the beach as possible. So, is two sites away from the stairs to the beach close enough? ah, yes!!

Happiness is...I can sit right here and see the ocean. As a child, my family had a summer cottage at Cape Cod and we left Brighton on May 30, and didn't come back until after Labor Day. 'I ate breakfast and went straight to the beach. Then as an adult I have lived close to water, Charles River then in Dover and Portsmouth the river and Ocean. Florida we were about 25 minutes from the ocean. It's been a major player in my life. Healing my soul and body.  Lola and I went down last night after we got here and instead of fear, the girl kicked into hyper drive and pulled my shoes and all right into the surf. Her Newfoundland DNA memory was on full charge. The shows dried out but got soaked once again so on my trip to Walmart, I broke down and got a cheap pair of flip flops.

I went down before Roger this morning and just sat in peace and quiet. A few people walked or ran by and I notice, no one is limping. I walked into the water and asked for a miracle. Some healing. And yes, I received it but not in the form you would think. I'll tell you at the end.

People were stopping and taking photographs of something laying on the edge of the ocean so I walked down to see. A very large, very beautiful jelly fish. I'm pretty sure he was dead but the tide was coming in and it would take him back to the sea.

So...my miracle. People were going up and down the beach past me and I got the "poor me" feeling. I went down and stood in the water and asked for a miracle, one that would make me walk stronger, better, without pain. I believe in miracles so I was expecting results soon.  Roger came and joined me then after awhile we decided to head back to home.  Up the beach, over the stairs and down. CiCiBlue is the second rig up. I looked up and a woman was coming towards me walking a bit slow, but strong. She was wearing shorts, about my age and had a determination to her as she came closer. What she was also wearing was a prosthesis, attached above her knee. I said good morning to her but what I wanted to say was thank you, you are my morning miracle. Lot's of emotions here. No more boo booing. I'm here. She was out heading to the beach and I'm sure grateful that she was. A great life lesson once more for me and my morning miracle.

What's your miracle today? Don't think you have one? Just ask, they come quickly!!

Have a great day.

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