Sunday, May 20, 2018

Now We Get To Rest

And clean CiCiBlue.

The Dust!! Being 5 months out west, dealing with the Santa Ana winds and desert dust and dirt, I am finding it everywhere. But let me go back..

We spent the night at the Pilot Truck stop in Newburgh, New York.  Sleeping in between two huge rigs with their motors running all night actually wasn't that bad as long as one closes the windows so you're not inhaling diesel fumes all night. I actually slept! We got up early and fed CiCiBlue then head out on the highway. Yes, she's got fine tastes!!

It was raining and our hope was to pass the front line of the weather so we would be in sun for the rest of our drive to New Hampshire. Not on your life.

We were on our way!!! As we traveled on I'd check the weather ahead of us to see that we were spared being in a downburst or a fast moving tornado. Angels were definitely traveling with us, slowing us down at certain spots or letting us get ahead a bit through the traffic.  Huge trees totally uprooted were lining the highway and scores of electric workers lining up to get sections of cities electric back on.

Fog was also added into the mix. Oh and I forgot to add, an occasional gust of wind to keep us on our toes. Roger did an amazing job getting us safely through all of this.

Lola's foot. It really has nothing to do with the story but I started to get a little stir crazy just sitting and as I looked down, there was her amazingly large foot. Just had to take a photo.

And then, after 5 hours, yes 5, hours of bouncing on pot holed roads we finally started down the campground road. It was stiff raining and my job is to get the car off the dolly so we can get to our spot. Hugs and hellos from people we knew last season and finally I did get the car unhooked and we were on our way to our, I was going to say "Final resting place" but that sounds a bit morbid and quiet FINAL. Nope, we are leaving come the middle of September, not giving in quite yet.

And here we are!! It's still raining so not all the chairs are out but it's a start. Today I started cleaning inside and washing the curtains in the living area. Right now I'm tired but happy and CiCi smells less doggie!! Poor girl! 

Ozzie got back into position and is sort of on the lookout but I'm seeing both eyes closed. Just happy to be "home" for a bit.

This morning Lola and I walked up through "Her field" and stopped at the apple orchard to smell the blossoms. I held one to her nose and she started doing her twirls and leaps and I knew she knew exactly where we were. 

Shes over here poking my arm so it's time to go for our walk . Then my plan is to sit over where she is sitting and relaxing for the rest of the evening. 

Hope you are too...



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