Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Count Down Starts Again and A Silly Mistake

Yes, the countdown starts again for us to get ready to head north to New Hampshire. This year we are doubly excited since we will be working with 5 other couples at the park that we stay at.
Where Lola's field is!  Wellington Camping Park is heaven. This will be our third year being there, our first working.  We leave Florida on April 19 and head for our next stop in Townsend Georgia. Our plan is to stay a week in a site right on the lake.  I'll be taking you all with us once again and hopefully you will see my plein air attempts!!

So last evening my 6s iphone decided to die. My reference photos are in there, my phone numbers, reminders and what nots. Phone...DEAD. Roger has had an iphone for 8 years and that thing has died many times and as we found out even had it's battery explode. It was time.

Off to AT&T and as we walked through the door I said, "My phone is dead" and I went to show him and suddenly it flew out of my hand and across the floor.  If you know me you will know I laugh at anything, and there I was laughing hysterically. The poor man.  But...the phone came alive.  Short story, we left with two new phones that make me feel like I'm holding a book to my ear if I answer it. 

Second foolish event of the day. With the larger screen I figured I could go into my blog and do some "stuff". One area said, fill this in if you want your blog to show up on Google. Ok, says I.  I start to write in "livingthe artistsdream"  . Then I took a closer look and what I was reading was Living the Rapist Dream. Sweet Mother..NOOOOOO.  It took 30 minutes for me to find out how to change it but if you come across it at any place, it's artists dream.

Our winter...quiet..which I liked this year.  I concentrated on my art and selling strategies to keep us going. CiCiBlue has more issues, nothing that will stop us, but her refrigerator is starting to act up once again. I pulled the handle of our washer/dryer as I went to clean inside, then our toilet, electric, decided to die. Friends replaced there electric toilet with a peddle model so they are selling there's to us. The awnings? Insurance only gave us enough to fix the over the door awning, which we never used but looked nice. We made a decision to have our large patio motor replaced and the seams on our slideouts recaulked. 

So tomorrow I am bringing my three new art pieces to be in my first art show in years, I'm really excited to have them be out there. I'm being pro active so come back often as I will be posting new work more often. Much more. LOL

Cold Wax and Oil 
Under The Desert Moon

Cold Wax and Oil
Living The Rv Repair Blues

Watercolor and Gouache

 In Progress
Watercolor and Gouache

A new series....
Because they make me laugh!!

I'm happy to say my watercolor Burro/Donkey series has been going great. I'm finding 72 is'nt so bad after all....It's the new 62 isn't it?? (Please tell my aches that though...)

Ok, so dinner is ready. I'll close but I'll be back more often. Half of CiCiBlue has been waxed, (by me) and I have the other side to get to.  The positive side? It should get me into better shape.  Next on the list is throwing out stuff I haven't used in a year. Just clutter.  I'll get to it.

Thanks for following..get ready to travel and see new art work and crazy views. I still shudder at the though of going over high bridges....with the new phone those photos should be spectacular..LOL


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