Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday Update

So yesterday we started off on our adventure to Lazy Days. We left home around 8 am so we could make good time to get there for our walk through. Right around 10 am, Ken called to tall us they still had more work to do but since we were on our way we could do paperwork. He said since we were staying over for the driving course, LazyDays would put us up for a night at their Inn. Seriously, the place has everything!!

Since we take everything as a "meant to be" attitude and would rather have the coach running perfectly when we leave it was all good. eyes were twirling.  Then the Insurance. Roger got a 4 year warranty on the couch parts. That means anything inside the couch, generator, frig, stove etc that could break would be covered. Another policy covers our tires. More money put out but it's a safety feature I like so I'll just put my nose to the grind stone so to speak and do more artwork.

Today was Driving Confidence course. Fantastic!! And fun! The instructor really gave aus all the info to help us drive a big rig. The course is free so all you need to do is call for an appointment and you are in. The afternoon is actually driving a 40' rig around the campground. Turning to the left, right hand turns. Stopping, going. Then parking as you would in a rest stop.



 Roger at the wheel!!!

So excited!!!

After we finished we were walking back to the main building with every golf cart passing asking us if we wanted a ride. However, a nice day and we had a plan. We wanted to scoot down into the repair bays to see our baby!!

Roger spotted her first. The mechanic, Johnny, was working and he stopped and told us all he was doing. His goal, to have us drive out and be happy and safe with all he is doing. The list was long. I kept thinking if we had purchased the coach privately or even from another dealer we may be sinking a lot of our money into this rig. So huge thank you to Lazy Days!!! Some people aren't happy with the company but we are for sure!!  Three high Paws from our kids here!!!

So we go back next Thursday and hopefully bring her home. "CiCi Blue"

Huh? you say. Well think about it. As artists it could be a new color for us! CiCi Blue... or like Lola, (She was showgirl ,with yellow feathers in her hair, and a dress cut down to there..) Ci Ci Blue could be a showgirl too!!! 

ok, gotta go play with the kids. We just got home and they need attention. I have my glass of wine so I'm happy!!!!

Warmly, Sheila


  1. Great post.... It's happening for you. How exciting.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Speedy and happy you are feeling better!!!!

  3. Wow......u dreamt it.....u manifested it and u soooooooo deserve it. Cant wait to come get a ride in it :-) love u wicked.....hugs to u both xxxxxx

    1. I Know Yvonne...right down to the tag axle!!!! Oh how fun it will be when you come for a ride!!!! ;-) Love you wickeder!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox

  4. that is one heck of a "ride!!" I would be terrified to drive it but it is all so exciting!