Sunday, October 16, 2016

It's Taking A Week

Yes, a whole week since Matthew came by to shake off the "shock".  I did finish a painting so that's being mailed tomorrow but other than that the energy level has been low.  I have been crocheting a blanket for us and for our oldest Granddaughter Morgan.  So relaxing and mindless. I am needing that during our election campaigns. Egads!!

I had an appointment with my primary doctor this past week and she ordered a MRI for my hip. I was telling her that it was my psoas muscle and if I lay on the bed and hang my leg down, the pain stops and I actually can walk without a limp. No,No,No...I needed an MRI.  This past Friday was MRI day for me and even though it was an open machine I needed Xanax to stop me from running down the street screaming. The tech was lovely and calming and even told me to just keep my eyes closed til it was over.  It took about 50 minutes with great music playing and her asking me if I was ok after every session. Finally it ended and she said "ok, look". The machine stopped at the bridge to my nose and a higher piece further up went out over my head. Smart lady telling me to keep my eyes shut. ;-).

During the week I did leave a message on our RV repair guys...and so it begins. Haven't heard from them as yet but last night it poured and it rained inside our bedroom. I'm thinking our roof area is getting wet and will start to sag. Roger did say he would bravely climb up on top of CiCi Blue tomorrow and wrap the air conditioner unit in a trash bag. All and all I think we are doing ok. The woman who is behind us has a Class C, new to her, and had two blow outs on the road as she left for the hurricane. She was disheartened but said she was able to get two "new" used tired for $25.00 each. (My look right now is that deer in headlights look) . One afternoon I'll go visit and chat about how spending for new and good tires will save her a a lot of heartache. We have two years to go before we need to replace any tire on our rig. The 6 year rule no matter how good they look.

I received a package the other day from a woman I did a painting for. She had won a gift certificate and asked if I would paint her dog being greeted by Jesus as he went to the Bridge. I did and she loves it. This towel and a gift certificate for Petco came nicely wrapped with a card in thanks. Needless to say I was blown away.

Our friends, Betty and Bob returned the other day and we have started our 4 o'clock happy hour routine. What we didn't realize is that we are out of "shape" for said activity, so we decided today we would rest!! Sammy is showing you how we do that here, especially when Mum left her pillow out here from last night after she slept on the couch. The a/c is over the foot of our bed and it was coming in pretty good. We got up t grab towels and a bucket and Ozzie and Sam saw their opportunity to move to the higher ground. Roger was able to scootch Sam over to my side and there I was..bedless. Roger did offer to take the couch from his curled up cozy spot in bed...but I decided I could really stretch out on the couch. Ozzie followed and Lola took her position on the floor next to me. I slept well!!!

So, a new ideas and a new outlook. We put our mat outside so it's looking like home once again.

Have a great night and I will be back tomorrow!!



  1. It's always something, isn't it? Soon all the issues will be fixed and things will be serene again. I just love that photo of your dog on your pillow. Talk about comfortable! :)

  2. Thanks Barbara. Looking forward to that serenity, until the next time!! lol.