Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Our Story Of Matthew

We can say God, we can say the Collective Consciousness or my spirit Mum and Dad watching over us, but somehow that storm wobbled and turned, staying at a Cat 3-4 instead of turning into a Category 5. Last Wednesday we were packing a few things I couldn't part with. Sophie and Fergus's remains, our passports and insurance papers and of course dog papers along with 3 paintings.

The rest would stay with CiCiBlue. Here's a picture of of our stairs. You need to imagine Ben Hur now in that Chariot race bumping up against the other contenders...

They stick out pretty far and we had no idea how to "unlock" them to even push them back in manually and no time to google it. She was staying. I asked friends on FB to put the white light of protection around her, packed the car with water, dog food, a few clothes, the dogs and us and off we drove late Wednesday to Lake Mary and Roger's cousins home.  Thank you Vitas!!! We hugged our friends at the park and left.

At this time our Governor Rick Scott was warning people that the storm was going to be a Category 5, possibly coming onto land and travel up RT 95. (Our camp ground is right next to 95.) "If you stay you will die" was his message. Years ago as my Dad was preparing to have surgery for colon Cancer he told me he couldn't pray, that it just wasn't coming out. Wednesday as we were driving away, I understood. We were going to loose everything, as well as our son loosing his and our friends. I tried the Our Father but it was way too many words for me to think at that point. Hail Mary Full of Grace...no, I'd pray that if we were going down in a ship... Needless to say my brain was fried by this point and my prayer was simply "help" from that point on and just relied on years of Faith.

Vitas opened his home to all 5 of us saying the kids could sleep anywhere and get up on any furniture as long as they felt safe and secure.  I crocheted!

It was relaxing and I didn't have to think.  About 9:00 P.M. I had to go to bed and was followed by my trusty group.

Lola the Comforter! Or, the Comfortee, not sure which. Sweet girl. I couldn't sleep well at all and found myself wandering to the couch then to the other bedroom trying to relax. Still going to be a Cat 5.

Cape Canaveral and the Space Coast. There has always been a rumor of sorts that people say that NASA would never build anything so expensive and so needed if they thought it could be totally demolished.  The thought is that the point of land has the ocean and the winds going in different directions? That would keep storms away from that area. I feel asleep around 5:00 A.M. and woke at 8:30 to hear Roger say..."The storm wobbled, it slowed and moved out a bit and it's in Titusville right now", faster than we had heard. It was to be a two day event where we lived and now it's on it's way to where we live. If you look at the path, it follows the coast and followed the coast out onto and around the point of Cape Canaveral bringing it further away from land and our park.  All I could say was Thank you God! The news said the winds at the point of land was 100 MPH which meant for CiCiBlue, less. For all of us, less. No one will ever convince me this wasn't a miracle pure and simple. So many people along the coast praying for the same result. 

Vitas's backyard. The same yard in the pouring rain and crazed wind that Lola heard a barking dog and pulled me flying half way across. I'm still sore but ok. The grass is about 4 inches high, St Augustine grass?, so I slid on a wet cushion.

Coming home. Our friend Jack gave me updates and I also got them from Wendy, one of the owners. 

This is how lucky we were. We have palm fronds down but this the only tree that the park lost. Of course power and water but that's everyone. Yes, that's our coach in the distance standing proudly. The winds must have come in from the rear since we lost our rear A/C Cover. Nothing tipped over inside. 

Our battery was dead. We do know now that we should have turned off the entire coach by hitting the "display" button at the front entrance. We also found that buying a good set of jumper cables and battery charger would help too. Our neighbor Arnie came over and gave us a hand. It was few hours before we could get the generator going smoothly and enough to get the slides open and the a/c on. Lord the kids were happy!!

Saturday night..hail, hail the gangs all here and thank God we all are. Other things we learned, not to forget to silicon spray the slides. Lord they were creaky. 

I haven't been able to get back to my art as yet..we just got back power and water to the park, I know..no excuses..I think I'm just drained from all the emotion, but so grateful, so thankful for everyone for their prayers, concerns and good wishes. So thankful and grateful no one in the park had damage to the trailers of rvs. (I am waiting for one friend, Paul to come back. We saw him before we all left and he said he was taking his paperwork, but leaving his clothes. He was however, are you ready??, taking his 32 pairs of shoes!!!!! I have a friend Diane who lives full time in a 40' Pheaton and has that many shoes, bless her, but Paul?? I want to SEE these shoes!! They actually made me laugh during some stressful times though. Are they dancing shoes? Gold shoes?? Steppin on down the road shoes?? Actually I see a painting in this!!!)

Thanks Mum and Dad for watching over Jamie..you certainly were busy that night..

The power of prayer, of your thoughts, even if it can only come out as "help".  Matthew came back in and hit above us and did a lot of damage to the coastline ,went up the coast and back out to sea and for a bit threatened to come back to us.  I made my call into the RV repair guys about our stairs. The awnings, the a/c cover all can wait. I need to feel secure that we can bring those babies in and leave. Hurricane season doesn't end until November.

Ok..that's our story..I'm feeling better just getting it out..thanks for listening...for my friends close by, so happy you are safe, for my friends far and wide, thank you for your positive energy!! It worked!!

See you tomorrow...did I tell you I love this Coach!!! 



  1. That was a terrible thing to go through. Glad you are all safe and well.