Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy Hour

We have a happy hour here at the park from 4:00 P.M. to about 6:00.  Right now it's a small group but will grow as more people come in. It's a time to chat about our day, plan for things to do or just sit quietly and have a glass of wine. Tonight we were joined by Glen and Mike. Glen is our resident fisherman and he bought Mike's motor home.

I had to take a photo because the night was wonderful stories of fishing 250 miles out and earning a living being a professional fisherman. If you ever watched the Deadliest Catch then you know what we were hearing. Glen is the Captain and the goal is to make money. The crew has to work hard 24/7 but on land Glen is hysterical. Nice guy and funny, the stories were great. He told us his life changes as he heads out first light with a cup of coffee in hand heading out to open waters. His passion. That's when Mike said that was how he felt riding Bulls!!!  I think we all screamed, "Riding Bulls??" His first time on a bull he climbed right off, smart man, but then climbed right back on. His longest time was 8 seconds. Sounds short but I bet it was the longest 8 seconds of his life.

Tonight Glen, his girlfriend and Mike are heading out to a Halloween party at a restaurant/pub on the St. John River. So Glen, what are you going as I asked. A pirate, he responded. Mike? A Cowboy!

I have to say the time flew by and my face hurts from laughing. Thinking now that if we were still living in our sticks and bricks house we never would have met these guys or heard their stories. Hmm, so maybe during the season, if people don't mind, I'll introduce you to others that are here. I love hearing the stories. We are all so connected and there are no coincidences. It will be fun to discover why this group of people are in our lives.

So it's time to slow down and watch our Saturday night shows and kick back with the furkids. Have a great night and see you tomorrow!


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