Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Blip In The Week

Let me start off with something peaceful and fun. Today is a dreary rainy day and the boys are cuddling. I may have mentioned before that Sammy taught Ozzie the way of our home. (ok, the counter surfing was really just wrong!)  At first Sammy would do a low growl when ever little Ozzie would come near him, then, one day, he dropped his ball so Oz could get it. The next thing we knew was Ozzie climbing all over Sammy's back nibbling on his ear with Sam giving him a mouthing every so often. The schooling began.

Today was the day we were to have our Hydro-hot cleaned and serviced. The other day when he came in to find us he had a small confrontation with management. It was something any other man would have brushed off. Our "service guy" wrote a scathing review on the park facebook page. That too would have been ok but he called the woman who he had the issue with a "he/she" and a "questionable species" . He has a growing business in the area, he is a businessman. I called and canceled our service. In this day and age when we hope, hope, that people are enlightened, we were appalled at his slurs. So, if I blogged yesterday as I had hoped you would have heard my true anger.

Last night we had our nightly "happy hour" trying to shake off the day. As you see Roger is doing quite well.!!

 I got my Kindle Paperwhite!! This is the cover I chose for it. It reminds me off my friend Lou's artwork.

And..the Paperwhite!! I'm reading about Epigenetics. Huh?? I found out the results of my ancestry DNA test yesterday. I'll blog about that tomorrow!! ;-)

Have a great night.

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