Friday, May 20, 2016

Trying To Get Ready

My weekly call to the repair man this week was actually a good one. I was told we made the appointment list for next week and this means our stairs will be repaired. Right now we wobble out onto plastic stairs that are giving out. Perfect timing.

The rear view camera/radio needs to be checked before they call the warranty company. At first they thought that it was officially dead but to replace the one we have, they have found, the price is way up there. Warranty companies like to check sometimes that the replacement they are getting, the high cost, is because the original piece is really not repairable. So that would be two things down.  I have a few doors to put new latches in but that won't take long.

On the easel!! Realizing that when we come back in the Fall, we will be totally, living the artist's dream. Roger does bis part to bring in finances, now I need to really step it up and do my part. What I have come to realize that our home on wheels needs yearly care, which at this point, we don't know how to do. Chassis care, changing the fluids, minor repairs. We need savings! Today I told myself that I am ready for the challenge.! My plan also will include putting artwork right on this blog for purchase. I'll also be doing prints of some of the favorites!

On the easel for tomorrow. No more days off. Good thing I love what I do!! If you are interested in having a portrait done you may EMAIL ME HERE  
What a great gift for someone who loves their pet or has recently lost one.

Lola had a spa day!! The heat and humidity are really high right now so we get her fur cut to 2" all around. She gets more energy but looks like she has no pants on. Poor girl. Newfies have fur on their back legs that look like pantaloons.  Her's are shaved down. Lola is going commando!! Shhhh.!

And finally, our Sammy turned 11 on May 10! He's still active and quite an imp. In the beginning the line up was my girl Sophie and Roger had Fergus. We lost both a year apart to cancer just before their 11th birthdays.  We held our breath as the 10th arrived and on the day we celebrated and missed our other two. 

Have a great night...see you tomorrow with the finished painting. !!

Warmly, Sheila


  1. Love Lola's immodesty. I won't tell her!
    Jamie and I will have to come up and help with the repairs! We'd love the learning process and to hang out while we help. :).
    Hope the stairs and the camera are replaced! Fingers crossed!

  2. Thanks Pamela!! Love the idea!! It will be so fun ro see you and Jamie!! Hugs.