Friday, September 23, 2016

It's The Weekend

And that's a running joke here since everyday seems like the weekend.  Most days I'm not sure what day it even is. Loving this life.

"Gentle Giants"
8" x 8" watercolor on 300lb paper

Finished. Added some white highlights with white gouache then put a red toned wash over the entire painting to bring it all together color wise. I'm pleased!

A class C motor home came into the park today and we met the couple as we came back from the dog park with the kids. Lola ran right to the man as the boys went to the woman. "How long are you staying?" I asked and she replied, "As long as we like actually." They began to tell us the just came back from a thousand mile trip, put their rig on Craigslist two days ago and it sold. Their plan is to now sail on their 45' sailboat down to St.John ,Virgin Islands, and go from there.  We told them to go to the small island of Bequia and have the lobster pizza.  We were there a few times as we sailed on the Barefoot Cruise ships. 

I'm thrilled for them but, to be honest, that little envy pang popped onto my left shoulder.  Then I climbed into our coach and was happy again.  Winter is coming to the places we would love to go to so I keep painting, manifesting and being positive. Our friends will be coming back to the campground in about 3 weeks time and we'll have lots to do. 

I am on a few RV pages on Facebook and read about where people are, then look up the campground. One today was in NJ and the dog rules stated that if you had a dog that you couldn't hold on to, they would ask you to leave. I had to laugh right out loud thinking of how many times Lola has gone into overdrive to see someone and I am flying and dangling on the end of her lead.  Our neighbor Bob has cookies on their nightly walk and she knows it. I've got her to wait and go "easy" often but every so often it's a bolt. "LOOOOLLLLLAAAAAA NOOOOOOO" is heard throughout the campground. I would so be thrown out of the NJ "Resort". 

So that's it for today. Mailed the painting I finished off earlier so that's done and chatted with a client about another commission. "Manifesting"!!!! One day I'll tell you how we manifested CiCi Blue!! Right down to every detail!

Have a great night and chat again tomorrow!!


PS, How about our Patriots!!! (football)

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