Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Manifesting And Other Fun Things

Manifesting!! How many people read or saw "The Secret" when it came out. I devoured it. Could this be true? Could we make things happen? Why not I said. The trick though is to take action to make it happen. Enter CiCiBlue. I wanted a Country Coach. For a year I lived it, breathed it,dream't of it..hmm, no coach. Roger said something that hit home.."Take action and start emptying and selling everything in the house and it will come", and it did. Right down to the very last detail.

Roger outside with his drill and rubber holder thingy for our bottles so we can sand the edges easily. By hand was taking forever not to mention my hand cramps.

We haven't gone on line with our products as yet but it's close.  My enamel paints came today and I'm ready to start decorating some of our glass ware. I used to decorate children's furniture so I am familiar with the one stroke method.  We are taking action! The Universe will start it's magic!!

Traveling or staying in one place for a time, I'd like to know that we will be ok financially. RV-ing is a lot less than a sticks and bricks but you still have to think of the what- do -you- do- ifs.  And I won't even go near politics. We will be ok!! Blind faith Sheila?? Oh you bet!!!

Another crazy storm yesterday and lightning hit and started a fire down on 95 and rt. 50. Last I heard 850 acres were burning and that was this morning. It's far enough away from us so we are fine, but now on the news they are saying a hurricane may drop in on us in a week or so.  Time to call our repair guys and get the stairs finally repaired so we could get them in if we have to travel.  Sitting in a coach through a hurricane doesn't sound like too much fun.

So, the sky is getting cloudy out there. Time for our afternoon storm so I better help Roger get his equipment inside. Lord, we are running out of room to move!!! Hahaha.

Have a great night and see you tomorrow!!


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