Friday, September 30, 2016

Still Not The Day...Sigh

Cleaning the rec hall bathroom, a chiropractor app't that hurt, bought a Salonpas to find out that it's a NSAID drug but put it on anyway then back to the bathrooms to find out I screwed up and the water isn't working.

Ya but my new hoop sterling silver earrings came and the shot of Tequila that Roger and I had really helped make the day better.  I didn't get to paint but I did get brushes and directions for my wine glass paintings.

I'll need to catch up over the weekend but hopefully I'll be able to play with these in between. I just love new supplies!!! And earrings!!!! Oh and the new top I got on my way home from the chiropractors...(Shhhhh)

It's starting to get a little dark outside. Night time? No, afternoon storm coming in. We are also watching to see what Hurricane Mathew plans on doing next week. I'm thinking it will stay off shore but we will get winds and rain.  We'll be ready. (what ever that means at this point)

Can you tell I'm weary today and a little disgruntled I guess. Two days of no painting and it's starting to show. Next two days I will stay home and work..(play).  And vacuum, clean the bedroom and other things because as you have heard, we are running out of room!!! Haha.

Oh, the Salonpas!!! They have a warning that if you are over 60 be careful. I had problems taking Aleve so I was wary but if I was bending and walking about this afternoon and already in pain from the adjustment I was going to try it. It works!!!! You smell like a hospital ward, Ben Gay, but it works. No pain. I'm starting now to get slight pains in my stomach so it's coming off and I'll switch to ice, ice baby!!! If I could think of some way to just attach an ice bag to my hip it would be perfect. I did think long and hard!

So, that's it for today. Hey, I'm doing pretty good writing everyday. Have a great night and I'll see you tomorrow!!!


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