Friday, August 4, 2017

Back In The Groove

I'm finally back in my groove of working which is very exciting. I'm working outdoors to get my oil painting work done then in the afternoon, coming back in to work on watercolors. Brushes are flying here!!

My outdoor studio. As long as I know that it won't rain I can leave my paints out and bring the artwork in. The people behind us have a fire every night and I could just imagine flecks of ash all over my work.  Dog hair? Acceptable, ash, no.

The finished product. The other day and my adventure to Michael's I found a package of pre cut 6' x 9' 140lb watercolor paper. 25 sheets and I even got a discount because the plastic had been torn open.  I tape it on a board I have for cutting and voila', I'm all set. I am totally in love with my new watercolors. Finding a color that I want to put down on the paper, I know that when it dries, it will be that same intensity. Then I layer and finish with some gouache and color for added "stuff".

So, today was Lola's bath day. Roger and I went out, soaked her down, soaped her up and washed her off. Next came the conditioner so we could work on mats. She decided to sit a few times in the dirt, sigh, but what can we say? She is the Queen and what Lola wants, Lola gets. She was good for about an hour then said, ok guys, enough is enough..or was it our backs saying that?  I went out of the coach wearing freshly washed jean capris and came back in with muddy, soaked jeans. But..Lola is clean and fluffy!

It's a lot of work being beautiful!!

Well time to take the Queen out for her afternoon stroll. Then probably have to redo the laundry. Roger turned off the water to the coach by mistake when he was turning off the water to the extra hose. I'm thinking the towels went through the whole cycle exactly like I put them in , dry and stinky. sigh. Oh well!  It's all part of the RV adventure.

Have a great night and see you tomorrow. More painting and my second attempt to ride my bike up the field pathway. Why? I don't know, just to see if I can I guess. Let you know!!! 😎



  1. that water colour is just beautiful,It always seems the work is never the laundry...funny that I get that problem too,x Rachel and Speedy

  2. I know it's a lot of work, but I also know of the rewards. I'm so glad you're "groovy" again. I am soooo happy for you. And I have no idea how you bathe Lola--my back would ache for weeks! I love how you love your pups. Huge hearts and even bigger courage. Love you!