Monday, August 7, 2017

I Think I Need A Nap

I've had my brushes flying from morning til after we take the kids out for their walk around 4:00 P.M. I am getting a lot accomplished so it's not a bad thing right now.

I need to do a bit more then I will be happy. A little too dark in the right hand corner, and I need Lola to pop.

We have been sitting outside more now at night with a nice fire. We bring the kids out and Lola gets panic attacks. I bought her an extra large gel cooling mat from Amazon and put it outside for her. She walked over it as she barked and bemoaned her situation until Mum got a bit perturbed. Lola, DOWN. She did, pouted, but laid down with just a bit of herself on the mat. Today she actually got on the entire mat. I tried using it for her bedtime mat but that did not go over well. Seriously, she is so human at times. She wouldn't even come into the room until I replaced the nice pink gel cooling mat with her torn and stinky blanket.  She was happy at last.

No, not trick photography but what everyone sees when they pass by our coach. Ozzie in the window. 

Two of my latest pieces going to their new homes. Yes, I love what I do!

My friend Alan brings fresh flowers for his rig every week and they look so beautiful in his window. Color and life. The only way to live isn't it. He left today and I am lucky to be able to enjoy these beauties for the week. Hmm, painting?? 

Ok, glass of wine, kick back on the couch and have some dinner in a bit.  Have a great night all and see you tomorrow! It may rain and that means, yes!, I get to wear my rain boots again. (OK Sheila, you are really strange about these rain boots..)  Ya but they are really comfy and sturdy enough that my hip doesn't hurt when I strut around with them on. (and they are just FUN!!)


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