Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back In Florida

We are back at Crystal Lake RV Park, and this will be our view. The extra water in front is from the horrid storms they have had here since we have been traveling.  Hopefully they will be over soon. I'm looking forward to cooler weather here.

Tomorrow we will put out our mat and chairs and make it homey. Being on the road we saw people making their rigs like their homes. Signs with their names, hanging pots of flowers and fun strings of led lights under their awnings or on the ground around their "porch" area.  Not so sure I'll do a sign but I like the hanging plant thing. But then I think, just one more thing to stow when we start traveling again.

As we went on the highway we met a zillion "lovebugs". They attach themselves to each other and splat onto cars and coaches and they are difficult to remove and if you don't they will damage your paint. Well my daughter-in-law told me a great way to remove them is to use...are you ready...DRYER SHEETS!!!!!
I wet a bunch and went out to the front of CiCi Blue and wiped them away. I found if you soak it first then go back they actually wipe of really quickly.

I spoke with my friend who lives across from our sticks and bricks and she told me about the estate sale. I must have misunderstood the woman who runs it. They actually took apart our pool screen house and sold it.  I'm surprised the windows are still in the house. I'll go down to see what's left on Monday when I get the courage. :-( Oh well.... She did say that my fake palm tree was still there so that may come here with me. It will never die and it's a nice one.  I'll put it outside with the chairs! hahaha.

The dogs know where we are!!. We went down to the dog park but it's really swamped and the run off from the holding pond next door at Stuckey's is running into it. Quick visit.

A 40' Newmar Dutch Star just drove into the park.  An older rig like ours. They are checking at the office so we are thinking they are just here for the night.

Ok, I'm rambling so I'll end. Can you tell we are tired?. Travel days are like that. Tomorrow I plan on going over receipts and mileage to see how we did on our first adventure besides repairs

Have a great night!!!



  1. Sounds like you enjoyed your self ,sorry I have been out of the loop but Speedy is under the weather at the moment,xx Rachel

    1. Read that Rachel, hope Speedy is doing better! xx

  2. Welcome back Sheila, et al